Half Anniversaries: Books, Puppies, & What a Good Story Should Do

auggie and inked

The other day, I noticed the fabulous Maggie Hall tweeting about her book’s half anniversary.

The Conspiracy of Us was one hell of a fun novel, hitting stores everywhere back in January. Drawing comparison to a Young Adult version of The Da Vinci Code, the book came out a week before mine. I talked about it a bit on BookRiot and the Huffington Post, because let me tell you… that book. I can’t wait for the sequel. I want it right now. So when I saw her tweeting, it reminded me that my own half anniversary was almost here.

And what this particular book’s anniversary meant to me.

INKED came out on January 20th, 2015 with Bloomsbury’s lovely digital imprint, Bloomsbury Spark. And it had a fun ride the past few months, getting spotlighted in a bunch of cool places, like Teen Vogue¬†and a number of my favorite YA blogs. And I had an awesome team supporting the book; from my superstar editor Meredith Rich to my fiercely passionate agent Dawn Frederick, my awesome beta readers to the welcoming YA community of the Internet.

But my fiercest cheerleader, has been my now-wife, Nena.

The day before INKED came out, I was rattled. Press had been good, pre-orders were going fine (largely in part due to Jesse The Reader being a huge champion), reviews were pretty decent. I had some big things planned for the week and was feeling anxious. Having a book come out, as exciting as it is… well, it is terrifying. You want it to do well, you want people to like it. You want readers to read your story. Nena had joked that if the book became a big bestseller, she’d get me a puppy.

Well, Inked didn’t become a bestseller.

But I got the puppy. Read more