The Ten Books I Buy & Giveaway The Most

10 books

The other day, what has to be my sixth, maybe seventh copy of Jon McGoran’s Drift arrived in the mail. I opened the envelope, smiled, and placed it on my bookshelf next to Deadout, the sequel to Drift… which is probably my third or fourth copy of that particular book.

But honestly, I’ve lost track.

Between the ARCs of the book, the hardcover advances, the hardcovers I’ve purchased, and the paperback editions… it’s really difficult to figure out  just how many copies of that particular book (and it’s sequel) I’ve given away. It’s probably way more than seven.

This got me thinking about the books I’ve purchased and given away over the years, and how they keep finding their way to my little library, drifting (heh) in and out, replaced by copies I find in used bookstores, sidewalk sales, spot cheaply on Amazon… and then once again given away. And then replaced again. And then given away.

The process goes on and on, and for each book, there’s always a special reason. Read more

Found in Translation: The Geek’s Guide to Dating in German


Even though The Geek’s Guide to Dating came out in December of 2013, the news does somehow keep rolling in for this lil’ geeky book. Which is super nice, and largely due to one fantastic subsidiary rights manager.

Hey Kate. You rule.

On January 31st, The Geek’s Guide to Dating came out in Germany with Dumont-Buchverlag. The team over there was kind enough to send over a few comp copies, and I was so excited to add them to my bookshelf.

I took a few photos of the cover, the back, and the interior. Dumont published it in paperback, and included blurbs on the back from Den of Geek and Jeff Ryan, author of Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America, a book (and author) I really adore. Read more

INKED Exists: Some Thanks


So two weeks ago, INKED hit eReaders everywhere thanks to the awesome people at Bloomsbury Spark. And my goodness, it has been a fabulous two weeks watching that little book do its thing.

To kick things off, Paste Magazine posted the exclusive excerpt, the entire first chapter. Now, as a former ‘scene’ kid with pop-punk pumping through my veins, this was such a major thrill. I grew up reading Paste, Alternative Press, and AMP quite regularly, as it was required reading. So seeing my name on that site… man, no words. Thanks Frannie & Paste!

Right after that, the blog tour kicked off, and I’m just so happy with how everything came out. An epic thank you to The Book Smuggles, Cuddlebuggery, The Perpetual Page Turner, Snuggly Oranges, Not Yet Read, Good Books & Good Wine, and My Bookish Ways for being on my team, and pushing the book out there with my guest posts and giveaways. You ladies absolutely rule. You can check out the posts by clicking on their respective links. Read more