The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful


Summer is upon us. The weather is absolutely beautiful here in Philadelphia, thus allowing me to go outside in my ultra cool vintage leather jacket without the fear of freezing to death. I generally choose fashion over my personal well being, which results in colds and sniffles during the winter months.

Expect lots of walking and lots of photos in the coming days.

For now, enjoy that lovely Philadelphia sunset over University City. I know I certainly did.

Thinking Blog Awards


Much to my surprise, I was nominated for a Thinking Blog Award (thank you very much, Jessica @ Swedehart). Since I moved to Philadelphia and started blogging again, I’ve discovered a lot of fantastic writers whose verse draws me to their pages on a day to day basis. Not only do they have unique, powerful voices, but they often make me laugh, smile, and most importantly, think.

Treasure of Baghdad | inspires me to pay attention and not be an ignorant American.
Philebrity | is an amazing, often hysterical, Philadelphia based news blog.
Ultragrrrl | is written by the owner of Stolen Transmission Records.
Cute Overload | makes me remember that the world isn’t so terrible, so long as there are bunnies.
Chris K. Jennings | is a talented designer / entrepreneur, always coming up with brilliant ideas.

The Thinking Blog’s project is aimed at referring content, so including these links, as well as a link to the blogger award pages, will help generate content in programs like Technorati. Should be an interesting venture.

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I was an obnoxiously precocious little kid. I spent so much time reading and writing from grade school to high school, that I was socially retarded around girls up until I entered college. My love interests were novels, the paperbacks that seemed only to collect dust in my 6th grade classroom. Perhaps I was a bit on the pretentious side, as I often scoffed at my friends who picked up R.L. Stine books, or the girls who were glued to V.C. Andrews. They didn’t understand half of what was going on. Flowers In The Attic? Get out of here.

Oh, what a shock my little mind was in for when I started picking up Vonnegut. Can someone at age 11 / 12 really appreciate novels like this? Slaughterhouse 5? Breakfast of Champions? Sirens of Titan? Cat’s Cradle?

No, probably not. But I read them all anyway.

Slaughterhouse 5 was the first of Vonnegut’s works I read. The unique voice, the constant moving back and forth through time, and the odd humor scattered throughout, really altered my perceptions of literature. Books didn’t just have to entertain. They could teach you something, deliver a message, leave you in awe and with a sense of wonderment.

Maybe I read it because the original title of the book was Slaughterhouse 5: or The Children’s Crusade, A Duty-Dance With Death, and that whole children’s crusade bit interested me. I was a kid, what did I know.


Vonnegut passed away on Wednesday, while I was in my room, sitting by the window, reading Franz Kafka’s The Trial. I wonder, would I have been here, in Philadelphia, reading Western literature, German literature for that matter, if I hadn’t picked up that dusty novel with yellowed pages in my 6th grade library?

A mind wanders.

Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.



So it is official. I have a new favorite band to photograph.

There are a list of groups who have been my favorites in the past. The Weakerthans, Fall Out Boy, Midtown… these groups put on some of the most insane live shows I’ve ever seen, and have been a joy to shoot and work with.

However Bang Camero officially, as my friends like to say, pwn3d! them.

Bang Camero is an 18 piece metal rock band from Boston, and came screaming into Philadelphia with their choir of 13 lead singers (what?!?), three lead guitarists, killer bassist, and raging drummer. While one might think having 13 lead singers would be kinda lame, it was anything but. The sound was nothing short of epic.

The singers performed not only gang vocals, but intense, almost operatic, 13 part harmonies. It was an experience I won’t soon forget… and neither will my camera, since it was destroyed during Bang Camero’s set.

It’s okay though, I’ll be returning home to New Jersey this weekend to pick up another camera.

Thanks to the local Origivation Magazine for providing me with a guestlist spot for this amazing show. I won’t soon forget it. Photo galleries will be up soon, as thankfully my memory card made it out alive.

Ah, Sweet Sweet Poverty


I found these two boy / girl mugs sitting outside my apartment this morning. I wondered to myself, is this a sign? Is God telling me that I should pick up these sad little coffee mugs, and take to the streets, just as the strange homeless man who sits outside Fado every night has done long before me?

Because Sweet Zombie Jesus I am so broke right now.

Maybe I’ll pick up these mugs and sell them on eBay.

Quick updates? My job is awesome, I move into my sweet new apartment next week, and my crew from New Jersey are coming to visit this weekend. I’ll have to cook one of the five recipes I know how to make, and right now, quesadillas are OUT. Last night I made some and I put so much cheese inside that it would have put a lactose intolerant person into a coma.

Is it considered rude to serve Ramen noodles to eight people?

I hope not.