Rock N’ Roll Weekends

So this weekend was extremely productive. I photographed a Suicide Girl, and her photo set came out absolutely beautiful. I’m really psyched to see them online. It’s always interesting seeing the array of emails / IMs I get from yad00dz…

*Yad00dz[yah-dood] noun – meathead type guys with an IQ hovering somewhere around their shoesize, constantly flirting with girls out of their league, mentally and physically. No one likes them.

who want me to introduce them to the girls, or want advice on how to become a photographer, but not because they’re artists, but because they want to see naked punk rock chicks. They also tend to think they have a chance with them.

Here’s the thing guys, nothing ever happens between me and the models I shoot. Ever. Grow up, most of these girls could snag any guy they want. The last thing they want is some pervert posing as a photographer trying to get in their pants.

I’ll post up some of the non-nude ones in the near future.

I also had an amazing unsigned band over, Atlantic Victory, for a quick press shoot in my apartment. It was a lot of fun, and the images still need a lot of touching up, but I thought I’d post one of my favorites.


Kam, the guitarist, really wanted to pose with Ash for one of the solo shots, so I happily obliged. Who says rockers aren’t sensitive? These guys have a lot going for them. Keep an ear open for their EP on myspace, and an eye open for the photos, which aren’t going to be posted or released until their EP drops. Sorry kids! They look nice though, I promise.

Updated the press photos gallery. Hope everyone had as fun a weekend as I did.

Listening: Brand NewThe Devil & God Are Raging Inside Me

Watching Playing: Just Cause for XBox 360.

Pimp My Cube: Episode 1

So I’ve been working this amazing job for the past few months and realized that my cubicle was positively barren. For those of you who know me well, you know that simply isn’t me. So after looking around, I decided to do something about it.


I mean look at this place! Does it look like Eric Smith works here?


Hmph! Certainly not! The only decor in this photo is a disshelved looking green apple (it’s not even round, it’s almost potato shaped, wtf Trader Joes) and a list of emails next to my lappy. It’s time… for change.

*cue triumphant sounding music*


Two very important things. My bunny and the girl I adore. Aw. There’s also the kitten who likes to walk on my face while I sleep.


OMG! Space Invader!!! Made up entirely of Post It Notes! SKILLS!

Also note the framed robot prints. I’d like to thank the ever talented Anthony Clark for those. If you haven’t heard of this guy, do check out his website at and his blog, Nedroid Comics @ Livejournal, where he makes daily updates. Dinosaur Warlock is currently my favorite thing. Ever.

What will I be up to this week and all weekend?

Reading: Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, and Persuasion by Jane Austen, all in that order, during the next six weeks. My head hurts a little. The joys of graduate school.

Listening: SocraticJust Turn. Self Against CityTelling Secrets to Strangers. Boys Like Girls – Self Titled.

Watching: Pan’s Labyrinth. A hundred times.

And counting the weeks to being on tour.

On The Road Again


So I’m going on tour with the band
She said “stay for the summer” but she don’t understand
That the radio plays what they want you to hear
and I want them to play you your love song this year

Something Corporate

So I’m hitting the road for a week in June. I’m really excited. It’s officially been an entire year since I’ve last been on the road with a band, that being the Sleepaway / Believe In You tour (which also featured Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer, The Transit War, and River City High on select dates).

Click on the tour image to check out the full poster. The Over & Out Tour. How exciting!

I had a lot of amazing tour opportunities through the year, many of which I had to turn down due to college and having a real job, some I still think about, because they would have been absolutely amazing. But oh well. Such is life.

I’ll be spending a week on the road with my good friends Upper Class Trash (School Night Records) and two other great groups, Farewell and Forever The Sickest Kids. Farewell just signed to Epitaph, home to bands like Bad Religion and Motion City Soundtrack, and FTSK just inked a deal with Universal / Motown. I first heard of Farewell when the insanely talented Josh Hofer did their press photos way back when. Go check him out at Corrupted Lens.

So I’m psyched, it should be a fun week full of little rock and roll adventures. The tour spans the entire month of June and covers most of the east coast and mid-west, however I’ll just be on some of it. Grad school and work, sorry kids.

6.19.07 – The Troc – Philadelphia, PA
6.20.07 – Washington Ave – Washington, NJ
6.21.07 – American Legion – Manchester, NH
6.22.07 – Toquet Teen Center – Westport, CT
6.23.07 – The Dungeon – Watertown, NY
6.24.07 – Funk N’ Waffles – Syracuse, NY
6.25.07 – Jaggard UMC – Altoona, PA

These three bands will be seriously breaking out this year, and I’m thrilled to be there at the beginning. Friends and family often ask why I hit the road with smaller, often just-signed bands. When you’re someone who really believes in the power of music, who lives with the mentality that rock and roll can save the world, it really is a powerful thing watching your little secrets suddenly become mainstream successes.

Friends from New Jersey, I hope to see you when I’m in our lovely homestate. And new friends in Philly, you’re all invited to the party I’m going to have on the 19th at my apartment, which is literally a few doors down from The Troc.

Listen on Myspace: Upper Class Trash / Forever The Sickest Kids / Farewell

Ash The Famous Bun?


I go to the blog just about everyday. Meg has made one of the most popular, and simply adorable, blogs on the web. She’s won a plethora of awards for the website and has added several words into my venacular, like “snorgle”

When I picked up Ash, I took several photos of his homecoming, and this one was one of my favorites. His little ears sticking out of the box the petstore gave him to me in, which happened to be an eBay mailing box.

Check out Ash on Paw printed autographs will be available upon request.

Thanks Meg!

Permanent Rock


This makes me extremely happy.

If you haven’t listened to Permanent Holiday (or as Best Buy has decided to call them, Permanent Rock), you’re seriously missing out. I absolutely love these guys, musically and as people. They’ve done some serious touring over the past year and my goodness, I am so proud of them.

Their EP, As The City Sleeps, is out now on Rockout Records, which is also the home of my buddies Echo Screen.

I did press photos for these guys late last year, and lo and behold, that is one of them on the cover of that CD, sitting inside stores everywhere nationwide. It’s an awesome feeling. Ive done album photography for a few other bands, but none of them appeared on the cover of the album. Obviously it’s been altered graphically to go along with the concept art, but I’m still psyched.


Here’s another one of the photos I did for these guys, all touched up via the whoever the super talented graphic designer was. This was used in ads, and always brings a smile to my face when I catch it in a music magazine, or on someone’s myspace. Click on it to check out the full size image. It’s quite nice.

It also reminds me that I have to get off my ass and update my portfolio section, in terms of press photos. Seriously, I have so much to put up there.

Shot a wedding this weekend in a loft in New York City. It was beautiful and full of candles. Photos from that soon.