File Under K… For Kitten


So my awesome artist roommate recently purchased three old school library card catalogs off eBay, one of which is currently sitting in our living room. He’s going to use them as storage in the apartment, and I have to say, it is probably one of the coolest looking dressers I’ve ever seen. Ikea needs to hire him to design rooms.

Seriously, who thinks of stuff like this? The only clever artistic thing I could think of was to put the kitty inside one of the drawers and then take a cute picture.

Oh well.


I’ve decided I’m officially going to stop hating on cats. I’ve made fun of cats ladies and people with gigantic cats my entire life, and well, now I’m starting to like them. I mean look at that face.

That’s Aurora’s “come on Eric, are you seriously playing the King Kong video game for XBox 360 on a Saturday night? What’s wrong with you.”

My half sleeve tattoo is in the works of being designed. Can’t wait. I kept seeing this guy’s sweet ink every other day here in Philly, and opted for one. It’ll become a full sleeve once my MFA is finished. The entire tattoo is literature themed, and will feature characters from works of classic lit that are important to me.

First class of the semester starts tomorrow. Here’s to four months of working full time while handling full time (three classes) graduate school. Woo!

Oh, and I scored a cheap video camera off Craigslist. Here’s the first video I took, of Aurora attempting to free herself from an Urban Outfitters paper bag. Silly kitten.

Let’s Talk About New Jersey

One of the great things about living in Philadelphia is the absolute wealth of history that surrounds me everyday. I can walk five blocks down the street and find myself at the Liberty Bell. A block further, Independence Hall. Ben Franklin’s grave is six blocks away, where dumb people throw pennies on it. The man said “a penny saved is a penny earned”. SAVE your pennies, stop throwing them on him. Plus Abe Lincoln is on the penny. Want to do him justice? Throw some hundred dollah bills on him. K? Thnx.

This weekend I went to New Jersey to spend time with good friends from my former college. My pal Jon happens to live in Haddonfield, and will be moving to Philadelphia in September. The great thing about Haddonfield, is that a TON of New Jersey history resides there.


The Indian King Tavern is where, in 1777, New Jersey officially became a state. While the state’s capital, Trenton, was full of battling troops, the Council and General Assembly ratified the state’s constitution. The site happens to be the very first official historic site in New Jersey. Check out the sweet plaque on the front door and the sign hanging outside…


They were missing the U’s when the sign was made. Good thing they noticed the similiar shapes between V and U. If things got really bad, they also could have replaced S with 5.

However, hidden within the town of Haddonfield, lies another important historical discovery, that unfortunately gets overlooked by most passerbys.


The very first dinosaur discovered in North America was found here in New Jersey. The monument is pretty weak, just that little sign and a rock with a plaque describing the dinosaur (a Hadrosaurus). You can see this beast on display at Philadelphia’s Academy of Arts & Sciences (I’ll be hitting that up tomorrow). Despite how lame the monument may be, it is certainly endearing, due to the little display put on by the town’s children…


These toy dinos sit all lined up on a bench near the monument. Aw.

Read up some more on New Jersey history in your local library on Wikipedia. I will mention that Billy Crystal’s character Harry from When Harry Met Sally happens to be from Haddonfield, NJ. Awesome.

Haddonfield, NJ / Indian King Tavern

If You Could See Into My Soul: That Time I Was In A Silverstein Music Video

Whoa… it’s kinda like I’m famous.

So there it is, the Silverstein video for If You Could See Into My Soul. You can see me in it, looking silly, getting thrown to the ground by the band, and then getting told off by the getaway girl.

The video has popped up on MTV2, MTVU, FUSE, and the Much Music network. It’ll also be playing in all Target stores nationwide.

I wonder how much web traffic my site is going to get because of this. Tim Shiftcore posted a blog about this over at MonsterPlastic before I could. I love that guy. Go hire him for something.

I also just realized that I never posted any of the video stills from the shoot, which I really like. My buddy Jostin Harrington, an insanely talented photographer from Pittsburgh, took these. When my mom saw them, she told me how handsome I looked, and informed me I should dress up in white shirts more often.


Thanks mom.

Sometimes I Go On Tour AND Star In Music Videos

So tour was an absolutely blast. I spent a week on the road with some amazing people. I’d like to thank the dudes in Upper Class Trash for throwing me in their van for a week, and the guys in Farewell and Forever The Sickest Kids for welcoming me onto the tour, and treating me like I’d been there the entire time. You can catch the UCT guys on tour the rest of the summer with bands like The Mile After, Rediscover, and Time & Distance.

I’d tell you who the Farewell and FTSK guys will be touring with, but I’d actually get in trouble with it. Let’s just say, I can’t wait to see them playing in front of sold out crowds and on arena tours. Good luck boys, make me proud.

Farewell’s album comes out on September 25th via Epitaph Records, and features photography from the ever talented Josh Hofer. Make sure you buy it the day it hits stores. I know I will.

This weekend I’m heading out to Pittsburgh to star in Silverstein‘s music video for the single for their new record, which hits stores via Victory Records on July 3rd. The band will be robbing a bank, and I play the inside man on the heist. I’m incredibly excited, as this video is going to be on MTV, Fuse, and just about every major music video outlet in the world.

It’s being film by the guys over at Endeavor Media, who are responsible for Bayside’s amazing video for Duality, and some other favorites of mine. like Lovedrug’s video for Spiders or Tokyo Rose’s video for Spectacle.

Tour photos are coming shortly, as well as two sets of Suicide Girl photos. If you catch me on AIM, say hi. I have an eight hour train ride out to Pittsburgh tomorrow, and the same coming back at like midnight on Sunday. Note: I have to be in work at 9am that morning.

Life is exciting. See you in another week.

Raise Your Glass Without Protest

“Over the years we made some friends
While on the road with the touring bands
Good nights we’ve had, some were the best
So raise your glass without protest…”
- The Planet Smashers “Raise Your Glass”

Well, off I go. See you all in a week. Expect lots of photos and tons of stories, a lot of which probably won’t be suitable for posting on here. *wink*

And don’t forget to check out the bands.

Forever The Sickest Kids
Universal Records

Upper Class Trash
School Night Records