Sometimes I Forget This Is A Portfolio


So yeah, I’ve been so caught up in my ramblings about school, moving, and my job, that I forgot that hey, this is a portfolio too. Lack of wireless internet at my new place makes it hard to update / upload photos though, but I’m trying.

Updates: I’ll be shooting two different album covers for two amazing bands, one of whom is creating quite a buzz in the indie rock community, and has several labels looking to ink a deal with ‘em. I’ll also be working with TWO Suicide Girls this month, shooting both of their first photo sets. I’ll be posting a gallery of the first Suicide Girl model I photographed later this week.

And speaking of former shoots, I’ve added a link to my photos of The Junior Varsity in the studio (recording their newest album for Victory Records) to the gallery. I’ll also be adding the album photography I did for Echo Screen, Permanent Holiday, and Southcott, along with the full photo shoot for Southcott’s new group, Thieves and Villains.

I have tour plans in the works for late July / early August. I can’t wait to hit the road for, what will probably be, one of the last times.

I know, I know. Everyone asks me why I keep saying that this is my last year for touring. Truth is, I’m turning 25 in October, and while that isn’t old by any means, when you’re on tour with bands who have fanbases consisting mostly of high school scene kids, you definitely start to feel old and out of place.

Two of my friends have new websites up. Check out my pals Gary Darna and Lindsay Brown. Gary is an insanely talented artist and Lindsay is a great photographer who, at 18, is better then I am.

I’m going to be helping two bands, Moraine and Hear Me Roar, release their EPs this summer. I’ve been close friends with both of these local Jersey groups for a really long time. In fact, Moraine was the first band I ever did press shots for. Moraine recently toured with The Bleeding Alarm (Immortal Records) and my friends Socratic (Drive Thru Records). Their EP was produced by the famous Bob Freeman of Hidden In Plain View fame and sounds unbelievable. I’m thrilled to be involved.

Keep checking back for photo updates of awesome bands and sexy models. Life is good.

Suggested listening: Permanent Holiday / Upper Class Trash

Suggested reading: Beartato!

New Places, New Faces

So this was an extremely productive weekend. Aside from rereading two enormous novels (All The Kings Men and Confessions of Nat Turner), I also packed up all my things, moved, and adopted an adorable new friend.


This is my new apartment here in Philadelphia. I’m living with two amazing roommates, Tess and Jordan, both of whom are incredibly artistic and a great deal of fun. Jordan is actually a sculptor, and his work is being displayed in a gallery in Philly right now. I’m going to take some photos pretty soon.

I wish I could the place more justice with my camera, but it’s, well, too big. Plus I’m not fully unpacked yet. That big circle thing is from the roof, Jordan brought it down and hung it up. There is an upstairs loft, complete with a seperate bedroom, bathroom, big closet, where Jordan and Tess stay, and a downstairs bedroom with the same things, where I am. The windows overlook center city.


You can see William Penn over there and City Hall. It’s pretty nice, especially when the sun is setting. I’ll have pics of that later this week as I unpack.


I owe a massive thank you to this wonderful girl right here, my buddy Saray, who not only helped me move in over the course of the day (it only took two trips, but traffic and crazy weather was insane), but also took me on an adventure to adopt my new friend. Here you can see her at the register, with a mysterious box. What could be inside?


Hmm… I see the tiniest of ears…


Behold! My new BFF. As of now, my sweet little lionhead dwarf bunny is named Ash. I wanted to name him something from literature, but honestly, look at him. He is just too small and precious to be named Leonidas, Dante, or any of the other bad ass names I was thinking of. So Ash, after Ash Williams, the main character in Army Of Darkness, is his name.


Everyone welcome Ash. He just wants to snuggle you.

Dollar Stores =


Honey toothpaste?


Juice… or soap?


I can write to Q.

There are few things that I love more then dollar stores (besides poetry, a glass of scotch, and my pal Baxter here). They are simply brimming with wonderful items like honey flavored foreign toothpaste, soap that looks disturbing like delicious juice, and stencil kits that teach children how to write… up to the letter Q.

They also remind me of tour, trying to save every possible penny by shopping in Wal-Marts, Family Dollars, and 99 cent stores through out the country. Foster, you know what I’m talking about. Often right after shopping in a Wal-Mart, we’d SLEEP in said Wal-Mart’s parking lot. Alex Sleepaway knows what I mean.

Good times.

Can’t wait for the summer and my vacation. I need my taste of the road, and my dosage of daily dollar store.

Til then, the humorous ones in Philadelphia will have to do.

The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful


Summer is upon us. The weather is absolutely beautiful here in Philadelphia, thus allowing me to go outside in my ultra cool vintage leather jacket without the fear of freezing to death. I generally choose fashion over my personal well being, which results in colds and sniffles during the winter months.

Expect lots of walking and lots of photos in the coming days.

For now, enjoy that lovely Philadelphia sunset over University City. I know I certainly did.