getting comfortable with the junior varsity

I’m sorry, I know that title of the blog post is lame, but I couldn’t think of anything that clever.

So I spent the past two days in the studio with The Junior Varsity, an amazing band from outside Chicago, currently recording their second full length album for Victory Records. For those of you who don’t know Victory is the home to several huge bands, such as Taking Back Sunday, Hawthorne Heights, and The Junior friggin’ Varsity.

Jeff, my good friend from the NJ music explosion Foster, came along (and drove) for the trip. Good times were had. Here are some images from the studio, I’ll have a gallery up shortly.

Chris at the boards.

Ace doing the same.

Here is where the magic happens. The studio was pretty sweet, and did you know that 3 Doors Down recorded their first album here? The one with Kryptonite on it? It’s okay, you can pretend you hate them all you want, but you know damn well you loved that song.

The lights inside the control room were pretty.

Jeff takes full advantage of the open studio while the guys sleep.

The guys in The Junior Varsity pose with their producer and Mike Watts. Fun Fact: the producer was the bassist in Wheatus.

Jeff and Serge jam out on some blues guitar. It was sick.

The guys pose inside the control room.

So taking some posed shots on top of this beat up boat outside the studio seemed like a totally sweet idea at the time. The pictures came out kinda lame…

See? So we scrapped the idea and just had some fun outside.

“Man overboard!”
“Jeff noooooooo!”


All in all, this was one stellar weekend. Expect more photos up soon and a sweet gallery to follow. Be sure to buy The Junior Varsity’s new album when it hit stores. They’re an amazing group of guys and incredibly talented.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (When NJ Is Around)

A popular question amongst my group of friends back home, and even the new ones I’ve been meeting in this city, is “How do you like living in Philadelphia?”

After this past weekend, I can answer that question easily.

oh noooesss!!1!
rocky steps
rocky steps
rocky steps
rocky steps
rocky steps
rocky steps
my living room with good friends

Whether it is running up the Rocky steps with my friends from New Jersey, checking out the Waterworks, pretending to be beached whales in the fountain in Logan Square, or just sitting in the living room of my apartment, laughing and talking about high school…

Philadelphia is absolutely wonderful.