Conferences & Appearances

Here's where you can catch me, reading, talking about books and/or writing, taking queries, and the like.

I'm offering up free passes to marginalized writers to the conferences in Minnesota, Michigan, and Boston. Details can be found here.

Want me at your conference? Feel free to contact me.


Write On Con (Online!)
February 9th - 11th

Minnesota Writers Workshop (Minneapolis, MN)
February 16th - 17th

NOVA Teen Book Festival (Washington, D.C.)
March 9th - 10th

Muse & the Marketplace (Boston, MA)
April 6th - 8th

Michigan Writes Workshop (Lavonia, MI)
April 14th

Book Expo America (New York, NY)
May 30th - June 1st

Capital City Writers Workshop (Okemos, MI)
June 6th

ALA (New Orleans, LA)
June 21st - June 26th

Boston Writers Workshop (Boston, MA)
September 29th


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