Already a Hero: Having Fun with Twitter Fiction

Back in January, when I was asked to be part of this year’s Twitter Fiction Festival, I was thrilled. Not only were there a large number of authors I adored and admired, but the combination of social media and publishing was the perfect mashup of all the things I loved.

However, with a list of featured authors that included people like Emma Straub, Gail Carriger, Julie Kagawa, Jim Gaffigan, Ben H. Winters, and Ian Doescher… well, it was pretty easy to get intimidated and anxious almost immediately.

So I decided to just have fun, and go with a genre I’d never played in, but always loved. Web comics.

I’ve been a fan of web comics since… well, probably since my early college years, starting with my obsession with Homestar Runner. Over the years, I’d end up falling in love with comics like XKCD, Diesel Sweeties, Hark a Vagrant, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and artists like Zac Gorman, Kate Leth, and Anthony Clark. I flip through my favorite every week, and always wanted to try my hand at it.

And #TwitterFiction sure seemed like the perfect outlet. The stories are meant to be short, quick, span a few tweets (or sometimes only one), and that’s it. Web comics use a few squares and sometimes a single image to tell a story or convey a feeling.

For my Twitter Fiction Festival story, Already a Hero, I teamed up with Juan Carlos Solon, an amazing illustrator from Toronto who did the adorable 8-bit pixel art for my first book with Quirk. He even went so far as to animate the images for the piece! The animated gifs wouldn’t appear on Twitter, so here they are, for you! And I hope the story and the images make you smile. (more…)

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