Deals: Tom Ryan's KEEP THIS TO YOURSELF Acquired by Albert Whitman!

I screamed a little the day Tom Ryan sent me a query.

Okay, maybe a lot.

I knew his writing. I'd loved his books. And here he was, in my inbox. My inbox! I was at a conference the day I got his book, and sat down to read it in-between two panels, inhaling it. I was left totally shaken, especially having adored Caleb Roehrig's Last Seen Leaving, which would serve as a perfect comparative title for Tom's book.

I subtweeted about it, he saw (I'm professional), and we decided to work together just a few weeks later.

An LGBTQ+ YA thriller about a teen who loses one of his best friends to a serial killer's murder spree in his small town, I was immediately swept up in the stunning, chilling mystery that Tom penned. And as the young teen digs deeper into what happened, events threaten to unravel friendships and families, as he finds a clue one year after the murders, buried in a time capsule.

It's moving, haunting, terrifying, and heartbreaking, and I'm so beyond thrilled that Keep This To Yourself has found a home with Eliza Swift at Albert Whitman.

Here are the details from Publisher's Weekly:

Eliza Swift at Albert Whitman acquired World English rights to Tom Ryan's KEEP THIS TO YOURSELF from Eric Smith at P.S. Literary. A group of lifelong friends is shattered when a serial killer strikes their small town, and claims one of their own. One year later, unable to let go, Mac finds himself investigating some new clues, and begins to wonder if he can trust anything... including his own feelings for his best friend, the boy who died. Pitched as Last Seen Leaving meets I Am Not a Serial Killer, the novel is set for a Spring 2019 release

This book sold the day my son was born, back in September. I look forward to telling him that story again and again.

Congrats Tom! Thanks for trusting me with this stunning novel. Can't wait for book two.

Look for Keep This To Yourself in bookstores everywhere next Spring.