Deals: THE FIFTEEN WONDERS OF DANIEL GREEN by Erica Boyce Murphy Acquired by Sourcebooks!

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Back in July, Erica Boyce Murphy had nudged me for a query critique through Manuscript Academy.

I love doing these sort of things, helping writers polish their queries, and a huge thank you goes out to Jessica Sinsheimer and Julie Kingsley for having me on board. But when I read this query I was supposed to pick apart, I knew this was something I'd want to read. I could tell there was something special here. I gave Erica my sparse notes, as the query was pretty perfect, but I also insisted she send me the full manuscript so I could check it out.

I read her book in a day, in a cafe here in Ann Arbor. I called her, without notice or warning, to ask her if I could work with her.

I felt as though I pleaded on that phone call. I'd never worked on a literary novel before. I had zero track record there. But I had to work on Erica's book. It was spectacular. A stunning story of family, love, and heartbreak... with that bit of quirk that I adore in the adult fiction I read. A bit of the spectacular woven into real life.

And some edits, and just three weeks on submission, we had a deal. Three. Weeks.

I'm thrilled to announce that Erica Boyce Murphy's literary debut, THE FIFTEEN WONDERS OF DANIEL GREEN, will be published with Source Books.

In THE FIFTEEN WONDERS OF DANIEL GREEN, a man named Daniel travels the country making crop circles for failing farms, bringing them new life through attention and publicity. It’s a solitary way of living, but when he finds himself falling for the daughter of a dying farmer, he’ll have to come to terms with the life he’s been running from all this years, and whether a life of fiction is better than the real thing.

Will he continue the mission of the "Circlers", a group of people who wow the world with their majestic works... or settle down for a life a little more ordinary, but no less spectacular?

It's a really beautiful family saga that blends the drama found in the works of Robin Black and Celeste Ng, and gives it a splash of quirk and speculative, like the stories of Michael Chabon and Tom Perrotta.

And I'm just so happy this book has found a home so fast, acquired by the amazing Grace Menary-Winefield at Source. Here's the blip from Publisher's Marketplace.

Congrats Erica. Thank you for trusting me with your work.