Photo Shoot With Kyle Cassidy

So the other day, I had a photo shoot with Kyle Cassidy.

Some of you might know him from his hilarious presentation at the Philly Geek Awards. Or due to his amazing work with folks like Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, and countless others. Or maybe from his beautiful photography books. Check out War Paint. Right now.

I could ramble and rant about Kyle nonstop. Great guy, great photographer. Needless to say, I was pretty damn thrilled he agreed to take my photos.

I've always had this thing for Post It Notes and 8-bit mosaics. I made a big Space Invader (twice!) back at my old job (the first ended up on Kotaku), started to make one at Quirk (I gave up, they didn't stick well), and I've made a few attempts at small ones in my apartment. But I could never really capture what I wanted to with a camera.

Enter, a Kyle.

He took the pictures after a little over an hour of sticking Post Its up on a wall in the basement of Indy Hall. The shoot didn't take long, maybe a half hour or so... I lost track of time. I was smiling and laughing so damn much.

Why fancy new photos? Word on the street is I've got a book coming out. WHAT! More on that soon, promise.

My favorite from the shoot is above. Below, you'll find a number of other favorites and fun behind-the-scenes snaps. Enjoy!

A huge thank you to my pals over at Indy Hall. Not only for giving me the space for the shoot, but for taking the time to help me get all those Post Its up on that wall. Sean, Parker, Jake, Adam, Kara... seriously, you guys rule. And my foxy lady joined in. Also, my coworker at Quirk, Katie. I don't know how she did it, but her arrangements were far more perfect than the rest of ours.

And of course, huge thanks to Kyle and his photo crew. I couldn't be happier.


Master Chief in Center City: A Stroll to Buy Halo 4 & the Front Page of Reddit

So last week, I took a little stroll to pick up a copy of Halo 4 at the local FYE... while wearing my Master Chief armor. You know, because of reasons.

I was happily accompanied by my friends Steph, Parker, Chris (who took these great pics), and Will (who you gamers might know from Cipher Prime), who all took pictures and video of the adventure. They also helped me get dressed, as I can't put the suit on by myself.

I posed with lots of people, took a ton of photos, and much to my surprise... ended up on the front page of Reddit. Again.

Thanks for the screenshot, Ben!

I don't play on Reddit nearly enough. I hop on there to read through the books subreddit, flip through the Philadelphia subreddit... but I never really comment. I'm a reader and a lurker. But finding myself on there again, I signed in and responded to a lot of stuff and messages.

While Reddit (and most social news sites) tend to have a reputation for having internet trolls, I've found the community to be wonderfully supportive and kind. Lots of sweet comments, nice messages, and hilarious quips filled the thread after the link to my photo, which was posted by my friend Allie and taken by my coworker Mari.

So thanks, guys and gals of Reddit. You all made my week. The rest of you, I posted some more of my favorite photos below. Enjoy!  (more…)

The Cute, Poetic Birdhouses on Pine Street

I love my walk to work.

Sometimes I cut through Rittenhouse Square. Other days I zig-zag through the tiny hidden side streets in Midtown Village and Old City. And I almost always stroll through Washington Square Park as I get closer to the office.

But lately, I've been wandering down Pine Street every single day, because of these strange, cute birdhouses that are currently dotting the way. I've been seeing them for... hm. You know, I don't even know anymore, maybe weeks now. It took me a while to finally take some pictures of them, but here they are.

The fact that they are hanging there isn't the only odd part about them though. The last few seem to have bits of sad poetry scrawled across.

I loved you
and bled
in a way
that still
belongs to me.

I've uploaded the rest of the birdhouse pictures to my Flickr page, there are quite a few of them. And if any of you Philly friends know anything about these, let me know!

Puerto Rico: Lots of Writing, Lots of Photos

Well, my trip to Puerto Rico was definitely an epic success, both creatively and personally. I relaxed, managed to not check my email every five seconds, got a ton of writing done, and had a lot of firsts.

Saw my first live hummingbird (which as a lot of you know, is a big deal for me), swam with manatees (what!), explored and hiked through a rain forest, saw bio luminescence up close and personal while kayaking... good times. I've uploaded all my favorite photos (and videos) to Flickr, so have a look. I also put my favorites below, showing off the highlights.

In terms of writing, well, when I left Philadelphia my new novel was just barely over 10k. Now I'm at over 30k, 100+ pages.

Crazy, right? It's amazing what pulling yourself out of your element can do. Hoping to have a finished manuscript by the end of the year. Then, the agent search begins. Hooray.


Tim & Melissa's Engagement Party [Photos]

Not quite sure why it's taken me so long to write a little something about this. I guess between redesigning the blog and getting the Geek Awards wrapped up, a few things slipped under the radar. I did manage to upload these to Flickr and Facebook with the quickness, but meh. Those are just pictures and little captions. Where were the real words to accompany the pictures that show off, what was, a really lovely day for two of my favorite people?

Tim (who many of you know as my better half on Geekadelphia) and Melissa's engagement brunch took place at a lovely little Filipino restaurant nestled in a rather fancy area in Brooklyn. I'd never seen estates in New York. Blew my mind. The place was called The Purple Yam, and oh my God, it was delicious. Owned by Tim's cousins, the venue did not disappoint, even as it filled with dozens upon dozens of people in the sweltering non-air conditioned heat of NYC. Awesome interior, exotic food, and simple decorations made the whole thing quite lovely.

Speaking of food though, don't even get me started on the cake. Created by a friend of Melissa's family, this epic cake had hand-blown sugar bubbles (THIS IS A THING), a bottle that looked like glass (but was made of sugar!), and edible photos of Tim and Melissa.


None of us did, but I was assured that it would have been delicious.  (more…)