Deals: MISSILE COMMAND by Alex Rubens Acquired by Overlook Press!

I love video games.

This should come as no surprise to those who know me. And going into agenting, one of my dreams was that I would get to work with some video game journalists. There are so many phenomenal stories behind the games we adore, and I wanted to help get those stories told.

Well, when Alex Rubens pitched me his book, I was ecstatic. This was precisely the kind of book I wanted to work on, and by one of video game journalism's brightest talents. Alex has written for... well, everyone. IGN, Kotaku, Giant Bomb, G4, Polygon, PC Gamer, Xbox Magazine, Complex... the list goes on and on.

And now he's writing for Overlook Press. I can't believe I'm writing this post with that iconic elephant logo in it.

I'm thrilled to announce that Alex Rubens' debut, MISSILE COMMAND, will be published at the end of next year. Few people know that the creator of the classic, important game crafted it to protest nuclear war... and subsequently become obsessed with it, sending him in a downward spiral as his game rose to fame.

It's the story of a creator who sacrificed his own well being for a message he believed in and an industry he loved. It's an important story, and I'm so glad Alex gets to tell it.

Here's the blip from Publisher's Marketplace:

Alex Rubens's MISSILE COMMAND, a deep exploration of the unseen challenges of creating one of the most iconic arcade games in history, as well as a portrait of the wild silicon frontier of 1980s video game culture, to Adam O'Brien at Overlook, for publication in October 2018, by Eric Smith at P.S. Literary Agency (World).

Congrats Alex! I can't wait to see this story on bookshelves everywhere.

In the meantime, follow Alex on Twitter for updates.