Deals: HERE & NOW & THEN by Mike Chen Acquired by MIRA Books in Two Book Deal


This book has had an adventure.

One that Mike dishes in this excellent blog post. Because that's his story to share.

As for my side of it all, let me dish.

Mike Chen queried me a few months after I had become an agent. I still had zero sales, and little experience. But he was convinced, and was persistent about it with plenty of followup emails, that we were a perfect fit. Because personality in this business? It does matter. And Mike and I are essentially the same person, from our taste in video games to our love of corgis.

When I finally dove in, after he sent a photo of his corgi with steampunk goggles on, I inhaled the book in a day. A thrilling sci-fi novel that was more of a family drama than it was a futuristic adventure, it was like reading a Nick Hornby novel... only with time travel. It was everything I was hoping to find in a genre novel.

And now here we are, two years later, so I'm so happy to announce Mike's got a home with MIRA, one of Harlequin's awesome imprints, acquired by Michelle Meade.

What's it about? Well, I'd pitched HERE & NOW & THEN as a sci-fi novel that read a bit like The Time Traveler's Wife as written by Nick Hornby (this was Mike's hook, by the way, and he totally got me with it), about a stuck time-travel secret agent who settles down in the 90's with a family, and finds himself in a race to save them when he's brought back to the future... having illegally altered the past.

It's a truly different slice of sci-fi, as it's an intimate, character-driven novel. It's less about the future and more about how far people will go for the ones that they love.

Here are the details from Publisher's Weekly:


That's right, a two book deal. HERE & NOW & THEN will be in stores everywhere Fall 2018, and his second, to-be-announced book will follow after.

Congrats Mike. I knew we'd get here eventually. Thank you for your patience and for letting me keep pushing.