Deals: Samira Ahmed's INTERNMENT Acquired by Little Brown

Samira Ahmed has been busy.

Between gearing up for the release of Love, Hate & Other Filters, the subsequent book tour (which she is currently on), and editing Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know (her next novel for Soho Teen), she's been hard at work on more truly stunning stories.

And you'll get to read another one in 2019.

Welcome to the world of Samira Ahmed's INTERNMENT, to be published by Little Brown in early 2019.

Reading like a mashup of Code Name Verity, Little Brother, and The Handmaid's Tale, INTERNMENT paints a world where Muslim internment camps are a reality in the United States, and one teen girl rises up to lead the resistance from inside the guarded gates.

And as her voice hits a chord around the country and stirs the hearts of those on the outside, those in authority press down even harder. Will she be able to rally those around her to lead a protest that will shut down the camp for good?

Or will her voice be silenced?

It's a terrifyingly timely novel, and Layla Amin is a bold heroine that I can't wait for readers to meet. The book is fierce, important, political. And I'm just so proud to see it'll be published with Little Brown next year, acquired by Kheryn Callender.

Here's the blip from Publisher's Marketplace:

Samira Ahmed's INTERNMENT, about a near future in the United States where Muslim Americans are forced into an internment camp, and a seventeen-year-old must fight against Islamophobia, oppression, and complicit silence, to Kheryn Callender at Little, Brown Children's, for publication in Spring 2019, by Eric Smith at P.S. Literary Agency (World).

Congrats Samira! I'm so proud to be on this journey with you.