Deals: MAMMOTH by Jill Baguchinsky Acquired by Turner Publishing!

Back in April, I read Jill Baguchinsky's latest novel in a day, and offered to represent her immediately.

Her novel combined so much what I love. It's a geeky love story peppered with themes of self image, science, and geek girl power, written in sparkling, sunshine-filled prose that feels like a warm hug. Her writing calls to mind books by favorite YA authors of mine, like Amy Spalding, Julie Murphy, and Lauren Gibaldi, and I just had to work on it.

I had such a great time pitching around a novel that I was able to describe as Jurassic Park meets Dumplin'. You seriously cannot ask for a better marketing hook than that.

So I'm thrilled to say that Jill's new book, MAMMOTH, has been acquired by Turner Publishing.

The story of a paleontology geek who lands an internship at an Ice Age dig site, MAMMOTH introduces you to Natalie Page, a teen smitten with science and fashion. While she's at the site, she meets her paleontology podcasting hero, some cute boys, and prepares for a summer of discovery and swoons. That is, until she discovers her hero is anything but, and that the dig site is in serious trouble.

It's a novel that captured a huge part of my heart, me, a kid raised on Michael Crichton and dinosaur books. And I can't wait for you to fall in love with Jill's new book.

Here's the blip from Publisher's Weekly:

Stephanie Beard at Turner Publishing acquired World rights to Jill Baguchinsky's MAMMOTH from Eric Smith at P.S. Literary, in which a plus-sized teenage fashion blogger / aspiring paleontologist lands a summer scholarship to study at an Ice Age dig site... and discovers her paleontology hero might be anything but, and that the beloved dig site is in serious trouble. Pitched as Jurassic Park meets Dumplin', the novel is set for a Fall 2018 release.

That's right, Fall 2018! This book is coming at you soon. Keep an eye out for the upcoming cover reveal, and be sure to check out the press release that Turner released last week, to learn a bit more about the book and why they are so psyched.

Congrats Jill! I can't wait for everyone to meet Natalie.