So There's An Audiobook!

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Back in June, Quirk's superstar rights and licensing gal called me over to her desk to let me know she'd found an audiobook publisher for The Geek's Guide to Dating.

Honestly, there weren't enough animated .gifs in the world to properly convey my emotions.

Maybe this one?

Or possibly this one.

Whatever the case, on the outside I pretended to keep it cool (maybe like this one?), when I was actually freaking out.

Anyhow, the audiobook hits stores the same day as the actual hardcover book, December 3rd, via Brilliance Audio.

According to the site, it'll clock in at about 5 hours, and will be available on CD, MP3-CD, and simply via download.

No idea who the narrator is yet, but I'm holding out for Morgan Freeman.

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Come Tell Your Story: The Geek's Guide to Dating Webseries

geeks guide old family

In case you're wondering, they are using a Roku box. Somehow.

Hey friends and readers! I've got a fun little announcement / casting call (more on that shortly) regarding my upcoming book. To help promote the title (and because I thought it would be fun to do anyway), we're launching a mini webseries tie in to The Geek's Guide to Dating over at Quirk.

The premise?

Adorably geeky couples hop on camera and discuss their relationship in short, one minute videos, and dish out useful pieces of advice to other geeks out there. Playing MMORPGs. Starting a podcast as a couple. Sharing comic books. Learning how to cosplay together. Fun stuff like that, shot like those old couple vignettes in When Harry Met Sally.

The videos will be shot by the fantastic Andrew Gormley, who produced the beautiful video recap of last year's Philadelphia Geek Awards.

Over the course of the Fall and through the Winter, the videos will be posted on Geekadelphia and on the Quirk Books website, and probably on here too. It'll tie in with a fun contest that I'll announce once the series starts.

Now, on to the even more fun part.

I'm looking for people to be in the mini web series! If you're in the Philly area (or able to get here easily!), Andrew and I would love to shoot you telling your story for the series. We're planning to shoot the series of the course of two days (split up due to the geek awards), but you only have to be available for one.

Want to be involved? Have an awesome story to tell or bit of advice to share? Then email me at, and we'll discuss.

OMG ARCS: An Early Look At My Book

So last week, several boxes of ARCs (advance reader copies) of The Geek's Guide to Dating arrived in the Quirk Books office.

geek guide arc cover

Needless to say, I was really excited. I took to all my social networks and posted pictures. I constantly try to hide my eagerness about the book at work, but my coworker Mari, one half of Quirk's publicity super team, always manages to call me out on that nonsense.

It's a really awesome feeling seeing the book in person, even though its just an advance print. These are black and white (save for the cover and back), paperback, and unedited.

The finished copies will be full color, hardcover, and completely touched up by the awesome crew at Quirk (all of whom I have the pleasure of working with everyday). Also, all of Kickpixel's gorgeous illustrations will be in full color.

The LibraryThing giveaway for the ARCs just wrapped up earlier this week, closing out at over 500 requests. The Goodreads giveaway is still going strong until July 7th, and is at a little over 400. All quite good considering this isn't a novel, and those are the books that usually blow up the most on those networks.

typo search

Also, a big thank you to my pal Chris Urie, who stayed up late this week helping me read through the book, checking and double checking the references and jokes.

So yeah! Exciting times, dear friends and readers. If you'd like to request one of these review copies, drop me a line! Let's make it happen. Can't wait to see the finished hardcover advances in the Fall!

Few more photos after the jump! (more…)

The Geek's Guide to Dating: ARC Giveaway on Goodreads & LibraryThing!

jay buy my book

Hooray! Early review copies of The Geek's Guide to Dating are available on Goodreads and LibraryThing! There are 50 ARCs available on both networks. That's 100 books! OMG!



For those of my friends who don't know what ARCs are, they are Advance Reader Copies. So you'll be looking at an unfinished version of the book. It'll be a black and white paperback instead of the hardcover, will be missing some illustrations, and will still be in the process of copyediting.

But hey! It's your chance to get an early look! And hopefully you like what you see!

And bonus! If you win an ARC on either Goodreads or LibraryThing, I'll send you a poster with it! 

The Goodreads giveaway runs until July 8th and the LibraryThing one will wrap up at the end of the month. So go ahead and enter!

To my blogger and media friends that might be checking this out, if you'd like to request an advance copy for review purposes, be sure to drop me a line at, and I'll put you in touch with Quirk's (super fabulous!) publicity crew.

And remember, the book is totally available for pre-order right now! Go head, pre-order a copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local indie bookstore. It hits bookstores everywhere on December 3rd.