Found in Translation: The Geek's Guide to Dating in Chinese


Well this is a neat way to start the week.

This morning I got an email from the publisher of The Geek's Guide to Dating in Chinese, United Sky. The book is out now, and they're sending me a few interview questions... and covers.

How. Cool. Is This.

The book has a little belly band wrap around it, that pink bar on the bottom.

Anyhow, here are a few photos. So excited to get my own finished copies of this one. And as always, my compliments to the kick ass rights team at Quirk Books. Back in 2013 I never would have imagined my lil' book would go on to be translated into eight languages. What a thrill. <3 (more…)

Nook Daily Find: The Geek's Guide to Dating is $1.99 for San Diego Comic Con

geek dating by lauren


Barnes & Noble picked The Geek's Guide to Dating as their Daily Find for San Diego Comic Con! It's currently just $1.99 on the Nook, and will be all day today (7/20) and through end-of-day tomorrow.

My lil' non-fiction humor book came out with Quirk Books back in 2013, and has had quite the wild ride. If you haven't checked it out yet, now is a good time!

The Geek's Guide to Dating: Nook, $1.99

That photo is by Lauren Reads YA, and will forever be my favorite picture of my book.

Found in Translation: The Geek's Guide to Dating in Spanish

geek dating spanish

On Valentine's Day last week, I was sent a rather lovely surprise from the team at Quirk Books.

The Geek's Guide to Dating, my lil' non-fiction humor book that published in 2013, sold into Spanish. It's out now with Ediciones B, a publisher in Mexico, and I've started seeing a few reviews popping up for it. Which is just so much fun.

Here are a few more photos of it. It's the first time a translation of the book has gotten new art and a different cover, which is exciting, though I do of course love the work of my pal Juan Carlos Solon. It kinda looks like the redone work of like, Final Fantasy III, you know?

Anyhow, I love it. Big thank you to the foreign rights team at Quirk!  (more…)

The Geek's Guide to Dating: On Sale for $1.99 All Month!


Oh, why hello there lil' eBook deal! How nice to see you!

Looks like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks decided to discount The Geek's Guide to Dating down to $1.99! You can pick it up for the Kindle, Nook, or iOS tablet of choice on the cheap, this whole month.


B&N NOOK: $1.99

iBOOKS: $1.99

The Geek's Guide to Dating was my first published humor book, with Quirk Books back at the end of 2013. It's had a happy little life. It made a few Best Books of the Year lists, and it's sold into seven languages so far, with a few more on the way I can't quite talk about yet. A full list of that fun stuff can be found here. It's my lil' book that keeps on going, and I love it.

Pick it up while you can! Tell your friends!

Found in Translation: The Geek's Guide to Dating in Croatian, Ljubavni Vodič za Geekove


This sort of thing is always fun.

The cover for Profil Knjiga's Croatian translation of The Geek's Guide to Dating surfaced on the publisher's blog!

Big thank you, as always, to Katherine over at Quirk Books. She's a rockstar when it comes to foreign rights, and I love seeing this little book pop up everywhere.