Deals: THE OAT MAMA COOKBOOK by Kristy Kohler and Eliza Larson Acquired by Da Capo Press

Last deal announcement of 2017. Here we go.

I know I tweet a lot about how my darling wife has a pretty huge impact on the kind of books I end up working on. I talked with her a lot about Lindsey Smith's cookbook Eat Your Feelings and Bassey Ikpi's memoir Making Friends With Giants. Lindsey's book will be out next week (gasp!) with St. Martin's Press / Wednesday Books, and Bassey's hard hitting memoir out in 2019 with Harper Perennial.

So... she has excellent taste.

Back in September, when we were eagerly awaiting the birth of our lil' one, Langston, she was looking up lactation cookies. Desserts that help with breast milk production. The ones in stores tasted awful, but the recipes she had found were amazing... and I was shocked to discover there wasn't a cookbook out there featuring these. One that dishes out recipes to help moms with breastmilk production.

Well... my friends, meet the team behind Oat Mama, Kristy Kohler and Eliza Larson.

Their website and company, Oat Mama, delivers wholesome, delicious bars, teas, cookies, and snacks that help women with breastmilk production, offering up a wholesome and actually tasty alternative to what’s available in stores.

And now, it'll be a book in 2019.

I'm so thrilled to say that Kristy and Eliza's wonderful book has been acquired by Claire Schulz at Da Capo Press. It's my sincere hope that this book will help a lot of mothers everywhere for years to come, and I'm just so happy it'll be out in the world. Da Capo's Lifelong imprint puts out some truly gorgeous cookbooks.

Here's the blip from Publisher's Marketplace:

Bakers, moms, and founders of a popular lactation foods brand, Kristy Kohler and Eliza Larson’s THE OAT MAMA COOKBOOK, featuring recipes to nourish breastfeeding mothers, with full meals, snacks, desserts, and drinks created to increase milk supply and support health, to Claire Schulz at Da Capo, for publication in Spring 2019, by Eric Smith at PS Literary (World).

Congrats Eliza! Congrats Kristy! Thank you for trusting me with this truly special project.

In the meantime, be sure to follow Oat Mama on Facebook, on Instagram (Eliza's photography is AMAZING), and check out their blog.