Events: Where to Find Me Through the Fall

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Oh. My. Goodness.

Summer is wrapping up, and Fall is looking to be a pretty hectic season when it comes to book-type-events. And I seriously can't wait to be out and about, hearing about new books and meeting awesome authors. I feel like I'm traveling more in the next three months than I have in the past full year, and it is super exciting.

Here's where you can find me, September through November. Book events galore. (more…)

A New Chapter, Turning a Page, [Insert Additional Book Metaphor Here]

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At this point, most of the Bookternet seems to know. But in case you didn't hear, after five years at the fabulous Quirk Books, I'm packing up my little toy-decorated office this week.

Several New York Times bestsellers, books that won numerous awards, a dozen (mostly) viral book trailers, several bookish websites, plenty of social network profile launches, the publication of my own book, tons of conventions, and thousands upon thousands of books mailed to bloggers... it's been a really wonderful and fulfilling experience, working with all the awesome people at Quirk.

But, it's time for a new chapter, as they say. A new challenge.

This month, I'm jumping into a new career as a literary agent with P.S. Literary. (more…)