Mittens The Chinchilla: Cutest Work Distraction, Ever

Mittens The Chinchilla: Cutest Work Distraction, Ever

With the semester winding down and some new projects in the works, I find myself sitting down at my laptop in my room, far busier than I've been since January. This of course, infuriates Mittens, who is in dire need of attention when I come home from work and/or school. He'll put his little paws up and grab the cage, whining until I take him out. He sounds strangely like a puppy when he does that.

Mittens The Chinchilla: Cutest Work Distraction, Ever

Lately, his new favorite habit is running up onto my desk while I'm working, leaping onto the monitor, and sitting there, sometimes for almost an hour, watching me type, work on photos, or edit video. It's adorable as hell, but also extremely hard to photograph, what with the monitor and all.

And yes Sara, those are some of your Etsy stickers next to my laptop.

He's always so curious. Whenever I let him out, regardless of the amount of open space he has to run around, he loves hopping up next to me. I could be playing Halo, reading in bed, or working on my laptop. Just sort of amazes me, seeing this kind of bond form with a little critter like a chinchilla. Maybe it's because I got him when he was so little. Still, pretty crazy. Who knew!

Ron Paul: Worst Bookmark Ever

Ron Paul: Worst Bookmark Ever

Today one of my school books came in the mail for my Theories of Writing class, Cross Talk In Comp Theory, a rather large, boring textbook on different... well, theories in writing. Not the sort of reading you do while relaxing on the beach, I can tell you that much. Alas, the plight of the grad student.

There are few things I hate more than politics. Very few. So when I opened my book, delivered from, I was shocked at the bookmark waiting for me inside, fresh from Blessed By Books out in California.

Ron Paul: Worst Bookmark Ever

How lovely! A Ron Paul bookmark to call my own. Ron Paul for President 2008. Just what I wanted. A man who claims to be pro-life, but won't ban abortion and is against gun control.

Well, thank you Blessed By Books!

Ron Paul: Worst Bookmark Ever

You've just blessed my garbage can.

Ambitious Bun & Mixtapes


Reading up on various graduate schools. Now that is one ambitious bunny. Everyone should set their goals so high.

I'm sure a lot of people are going to be traveling in the next few days, spending the holiday in various locations. I'll be spending the holiday in New Jersey with family, friends, and the little lady. With that idea in mind, I've put together a digital mix-tape. You can follow the respective links to download the tracks off the artists' Purevolume pages. Burn them on a CD or put them on your fancy iPod, and you're set to go.

Eric's Real-Ultimate Turkey-Day Travelin' Mix

01. Anberlin - A Day Late
02. As Tall As Lions - The Carousel
03. Between The Trees - The Way She Feels
04. Farewell - Stay Pretty
05. Foreverinmotion - The Rain
06. The Higher - Weapons Wired
07. Houston Calls - Bob & Bonnie
08. Just Surrender - Tell Me Everything
09. Moneen - If Tragedy's Appealing, Then Disasters An Addiction
10. Self Against City - Ready & Willing
11. Sleepaway - Best Unspoken
12. Socratic - I Haven't Seen You In Years
13. This Day & Age - Always Straight Ahead

Foreverinmotion's song The Rain, is probably the most beautiful song I've heard all year. Pick up his album on 111 Records / Warner.

And if all that isn't enough for you, well, go download Ronnie Day's self titled album off his website, for free.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!