New Template: Hooray!

Lately, I’ve been hatin’ on the blogs of my friends and colleagues; Christopher Wink’s personal blog, Quirk author Matt Armendariz’s website, Shannon Collins’ portfolio / blog. Their blogs are wonderfully designed and frequently updated. Me? I’ve gone from premium template to premium template, never quite happy.

Last week, Shannon wrote a fabulous blog about staying motivated while blogging. I never had a problem working on posts for Geekadelphia and Quirk, but here… meh. With a site I wasn’t terribly fond of, working on posts was a chore.

So I went ahead and purchased the Thesis theme (which is incredible!), and hired Mandy Newman to illustrate the pixelated header. She helped redesign the site to reflect my love of books and video games. Visit her portfolio and check out some of her wonderful work.


Campus Splash: Cause & Effect & Nerf Guns

So Campus Splash published another one of my rants recently, this one about teaching Cause & Effect rhetoric… using Nerf Guns and an intense game of Humans vs. Zombies outside of Peirce College. The activity roused up my students and even caught the attention of Peirce’s alumni association.

While the essay didn’t take off the way my Love & Text piece did, I’m still pretty pleased with it, and flattered that Campus Splash continues to give me a platform to write about my love of teaching.

Give the piece a read. Maybe you’ll like it.