Closing for Submissions in August for the Rest of 2017


Hey everyone!

If you follow me on the ol’ social media, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. But just in case you stumble across this lil’ website while looking for agents, here it is. I’m closing for queries in August for the rest of 2017, with the exception of referrals and conference or contest requests.


Well, my darling wife and I are expecting a little one in September. So it’s going to be a busy last half of 2017 for the Smith household. And with my adoption anthology coming out in the beginning of September, and a mini book tour in October, all while the baby is around… well, I’m going to need to take a breather, and dedicate my time to my family and current roster of clients, who are also much like my family. *hearts*

Book wise, things look good for the last half of the year though.

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  • And speaking of January, you’ll also be able to catch Lindsey Smith’s cookbook, Eat Your Feelings, due out with Wednesday Books / St. Martin’s Press. This book is going to help a lot of people, with its body-positive messaging and mental-health angle, and I’m just so proud of it.

So yes! It’s a busy last half of the year, and an awesome launch in 2018, especially with covers and release dates for Laurel Amberdine’s Luminator (REUTS), Kati Gardner’s Brave Enough (Flux), and Anna Hecker’s When the Beat Drops (Sky Pony), all due out in the Spring of 2018, relatively soon-ish.

I’ll still be looking at projects through Twitter pitch events like #PitMad #DVPit and the like when they are live, and conferences (I’m still attending these conferences through the fall!). I’m also happily taking referrals from colleagues and clients. But otherwise, I’m on a break, and won’t be digging through the query box.

You can keep up to date with all my wonderful authors via this Twitter list, as they are all going to be up to awesome things over the next year or two.

I’ll open back up to submissions in mid-January. Thanks!



Eric, I’m sincerely happy for you and the Mrs! Not just “words”, as I am an experienced dad; I have a 22 year old young man, and 17 year old girl of my own. I have so many fond memories of their upbringing (insert long, exasperated happy-sigh here). It wasn’t easy…but is sho-wuz-fun! Jacked up, horrific English is by design for emphasis!

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