Found in Translation: The Geek’s Guide to Dating in Spanish

geek dating spanish

On Valentine’s Day last week, I was sent a rather lovely surprise from the team at Quirk Books.

The Geek’s Guide to Dating, my lil’ non-fiction humor book that published in 2013, sold into Spanish. It’s out now with Ediciones B, a publisher in Mexico, and I’ve started seeing a few reviews popping up for it. Which is just so much fun.

Here are a few more photos of it. It’s the first time a translation of the book has gotten new art and a different cover, which is exciting, though I do of course love the work of my pal Juan Carlos Solon. It kinda looks like the redone work of like, Final Fantasy III, you know?

Anyhow, I love it. Big thank you to the foreign rights team at Quirk! 

geek dating spanish 2
geek dating spanish 3
geek dating spanish 4



Eric, this is awesome! Incidentally, I’m absolutely fluent in Spanish…to the point of where I can teach it! Incidentally, I lived in Panama for 5 years, Honduras for 1 year, Bolivia and Spain for 3 months and one month respectively. Point is…I’d love to read this book…in SPANISH (and English, too lol).


Ooops: “Mr. Smith”…not “Eric”; I meant no disrespect.


LOL. No one calls me Mr. Smith. :) It’s cool

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