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So I Favorited Your Tweet in a Twitter Pitch Event [Updated]

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Oh, hello #PitMad / #PitchMatch / #DVPit etc. participants! I didn't see you there. Come on in, have a seat.

Did I favorite your tweet during a pitch event on the ol' Twitter? Awesome. That means I want to read your stuff. Gimme. Here's what to do to make sure I get your query and partial manuscript:

1. Start composing that email! You're going to want to send your query on over to query@psliterary.com. Please don't use my personal email here on this blog. When you send an email to the query box, all the agents at P.S. get to see it. That way, if it isn't for me, someone else might scoop it up. We like to share!

2. In your Subject, put Twitter Request for Eric and the title of your book. There are almost always a few P.S. Literary agents participating in Twitter pitch events, so you want to make sure yours gets to me.

3. In your email, include your Twitter handle, your Twitter pitch, your full query letter, and attach the first 50 pages of your manuscript. Attaching those pages is important. If you paste that much, it'll probably get cut off.

4. Click send!

If I'm interested, you'll certainly hear back from me in a few weeks.

Note, this blog post idea was gleefully stolen from Maria, another agent at P.S. Literary who is awesome. Be sure to follow her on Twitter and follow her blog on Tumblr.

2 responses to “So I Favorited Your Tweet in a Twitter Pitch Event [Updated]”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Hi Eric!

    I've been following your posts and looking through the submission guidelines on the P. S. Literary website. I'm very (nervous?) interested in taking the leap to query you and wanted to make sure I sent in everything you needed to get the ball rolling. The website states we should strictly submit a query letter but you've mentioned attaching the first 50 pages works for you. Which route would you prefer I go?

    Thanks so much and keep the posts coming!


    • eric says:

      Emailed you, but for anyone else who might see this post and be a lil' confused, this is for people participating in #PitMad on Twitter.

      If you're just querying me normally, just follow those guidelines on the site. 🙂

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