Inked is a Kindle Holiday Deal: $1.99 All of December, Score a Free Poster


Whoa you guys! Whoa!

INKED was selected as an Amazon Kindle Holiday Deal and is available for just $1.99 the entire month of December!

With INKED 2 heading your way soon (add it on Goodreads!), now’s a good time to pick it up on the cheap:


INKED on Amazon:

Pick up a copy during the Kindle sale? Let me know! I’ll send you a poster.

That’s right. Email me ( your receipt, and I’ll mail you a signed INKED poster! I’ve got a bundle of these leftover (here’s what they look like, created by the amazing Ashley Poston), and would love to send some out!

Already own INKED? Well, there are a whole bunch of great sales going on this month, featuring books by some of my YA pals.

All of these ladies are incredible, and you should be reading their wonderful books.


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