Book News: Inked Gets a Sequel, to be Published in May 2016!

bloomsbury spark

Deep breath. Here we go.

Bloomsbury's digital imprint, Bloomsbury Spark, will be publishing the sequel to my debut YA novel, Inked, in May of 2016. 

And there it is. It feels real now.

inked 2

Inked 2: Ink Harder (that is not what it is called) picks up where book one left off, and introduces a class of characters that get brought up in book one, but aren't really explored. The Unprinted, the citizens without the magic, moving tattoos that define one's place in society, who have opted to live off-the-grid and away from the mandatory practice of magical Ink.

In book one you get to see an Unprinted settlement, and one of the main characters is an Unprinted warrior (Tabor!), but this time around, you'll get a lot more of them.

What's it about? I won't get into much, but in  Inked II: The Inkening (still not the actual name), war has erupted. And  smack in the middle of it, are a pack of powerful teens that have been forced into a position where they are leading the charge. It'll take them across the Realm and challenge their relationships with one another. The Citadel has new weapons, new defenses, new allies. And they'll go to some pretty horrifying lengths to get what they want.

2 Inked 2 Furious (not yet), has a bunch of new characters that I can't wait for you to meet, as well as the old ones you hopefully liked in the first book. I started working on the sequel while my superstar agent (hi Dawn you rule!) was shopping around the first book, took a little break from it, and revisited it last year. I had a finished draft ready to go back in January, but my agent spent a few months editing it with me, as every good agent should, to make sure it was up to her standards.

And now, here we are, with Inked II: Cruise Control (no) coming out in the summer.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported the first book. Those of you who helped critique the drafts and final manuscripts. Who tweeted, emailed, Facebooked, YouTubed, and blogged about it coming out, shared the cover, pushed the promotions. The many of you who took the time to write a review on your favorite retailer, on your book blog, or posted on Goodreads. Nena for pushing me. Dawn for repping it. Meredith and the Bloomsbury team for publishing it in the first place. Thank you! You're why Inked 2: The Squeakquel (haha, no) is happening.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have an edit letter to read through and a manuscript to touch up.

Inked: Rise of the Unprinted (the actual title!), coming your way May 2016.


This Week in Recommended Reading: 10/19

rec reading

Every week, I give away free books to my students at Peirce College, where I teach freshman composition. I pick these books up for $1 or so at used bookshops, flea markets, sidewalk sales and the like, in an attempt to find fun books my students will enjoy. To try and inspire them to read more. 

For a little more info on why I do this, check out the first post here.

Oh dear! I've been slacking on my updates here. Had a few classes that were canceled, moved, etc. Let's get caught back up, shall we?

Here are the books I gave away this week and why. This week had a historic fiction theme, because I felt like it.

The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl: I don't get to lecture about World Literature often while teaching an intro to composition course because... well hey, it's an intro to comp course. We're talking about essays, here! But, dishing out a copy of Pearl's wonderfully fun novel gave me a chance to prattle on about Dante. Plus, I adore Pearl's book.

I Shall Be Near to You by Erin Lindsay McCabe: A book about the Civil War, focusing on a woman who dresses up like a man so she can fight in the battles and protect her husband? Yes please. I am here for strong female characters.

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet by Jamie Ford: As I've said before, I give this book away all the time. It's a special, moving novel that everyone should read.

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson: Because classic literature. It also gave me a fun moment where I could talk about the things they've seen in pop-culture regarding pirates, that Stevenson basically originated.


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Found in Translation: Published This Week, The Geek's Guide to Dating in Czech!



This week, The Geek's Guide to Dating came out in Czech! The title? Randění Pro Geeky. Cute!

It's out now with Albatros Media's Computer Press imprint, which strikes me as an entirely appropriate place for it to be.

As always, huge thank you to Katherine over at Quirk Books, who continues to slay it with selling this book into foreign markets. I can't wait to see where it ends up next!