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Deals: The Temptation of Adam by Dave Connis Acquired by Sky Pony Press

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Oh, this post feels so good. My first agented Young Adult book sold, and has been picked up by Sky Pony Press, the children's imprint of Sky Horse Publishing. Here are the details from Publisher's Marketplace...

Dave Connis’s debut, THE TEMPTATION OF ADAM, pitched as DON JON meets THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER and PAPER TOWNS, in which a sixteen-year-old boy struggles to beat a porn addiction with the help of his family, new friends, and a fellow addict, to Nicole Frail at Sky Pony Press, for publication in Fall 2017, by Eric Smith at P.S. Literary Agency (World).

When Dave's manuscript appeared in my agency inbox, I read and devoured it immediately. I laughed, I cried, I gushed about the book to any of my bookish friends who would listen. I cried while explaining it to my wife (which basically means you've got a deal with me). After a long phone call (when we realized we were probably going to be best friends), I picked up Dave as a P.S. Literary client.

And then he sent me ANOTHER manuscript. The Temptation of Adam.

Luckiest agent ever, two manuscripts from one awesome client. Again, I found myself lost in his wonderful prose, finishing the book up in a single day. It's an incredibly edgy novel, that asks some really difficult questions. When a teenager's only real relationship experience is with his porn collection / addiction (which has gotten bad to the point that he makes playlists on his smartphone at school), how do you find a way to grow and form real romantic relationships? Porn addiction isn't something I've seen in YA books, and it's a real issue teens wrestle with.

I really believe it'll be an important book, and I can't wait for Sky Pony to bring it out into the world.

Major props to the whole P.S. Literary agency team, Nicole at Sky Pony for her endless patience, my lil' lady for dealing with the tears, and of course, superstar author Dave Connis for picking me to work with. He's got an amazing career ahead of him, and I'm thrilled to play a part in it.

Dave, here's to Adam. And to many more books.

Be sure to follow Dave, his awesome editor, and Sky Horse on Twitter.

Dave Connis@DaveConnis

Nicole Frail@nfrail17

Sky Horse Press: @skyhorsepub



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