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INKED: Pre-order the Book, Get Swag!

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Now that the cover is revealed (again, thank you, Adam Silvera, Susan Dennard, and Publishing Crawl!), and the blog tour is scheduled, it's time to announce the pre-order campaign for INKED, my debut YA novel coming out with this month with Bloomsbury Spark, the digital imprint of Bloomsbury.

Why throw a pre-order campaign? Not just to drive sales. Not just to support the fabulous Bloomsbury marketing team (and fabulous they are!). But to say THANK YOU for supporting the book early on. Plus, since this is a digital exclusive series, I wanted to be able to hook my readers up with something tangible. Something you guys can hold on to.

The book is currently available for pre-order via:


If you pre-order the book, send me an email with a photo or a screenshot of your receipt (ericsmithrocks at gmail dot com), and that's that! You'll get your swag, limited swag, or awesome prize, should you win it.

Okay, so, here's what we've got.


SIGNED POSTER & POSTCARD!: I really, really love the cover that Bloomsbury Spark and Jenny Zemenek put together for INKED, and I'm just as excited to have it as a full size poster.

This item is for everyone. If you pre-order the book, it doesn't matter if you're the first or the one thousandth (a boy can dream, right?), you'll get a signed, 8.5x11 poster of the book cover sent to you in the mail.

You'll also get a cute INKED postcard (which I will be leaving around town in Philadelphia, sorry friends at coffee shops), which was put together by Bloomsbury Spark author and pal Ashley Poston. Check out her book, The Sound of Us, ASAP. It was one of my favorite reads this year.

The posters will be folded, but I'll do my best to send them with great care so they don't get all bent out of shape in the mail. I'm a geek, I like collecting things. I know how to treat a poster.

photo 2

"PEPPER THISTLE" NECKLACE: As readers will discover, there is an herb in the world of INKED known as pepper thistle. I imagined it to be a bit like lemon pepper, and look like the goldenrod flowers that my neighbors grew lining their fences back in my hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey.

This is a limited item, and the first 100 pre-orders will receive one of these cute necklaces.

WOW. We broke 100 pre-orders you guys, and everyone keeps emailing asking about these. So you know what? Everyone gets one. It make take me a little extra time to mail out the swag, but this is happening. THANK YOU!

They are small, one inch glass bottle charms, attached to a leather necklace. Oh, and yes, I did make these myself.

photo 1

Yes, I know you can tell. I tried, you guys. That's a picture of Nena wearing it. Thanks babe.

Big thanks to Katie Regenye for her crafting tips on how I could put these together. You should check out her blog and Etsy shop at Katie Crafts. These were a lot of fun to make.

big prize

CAENUM'S LEATHER SATCHEL: And the grand prize! One lucky pre-order-er (is that a word?) will win this awesome item. Early on in the book (no spoiler!) the main character has a leather satchel full of supplies. And you can win your own! 

You'll get the leather satchel, and inside you'll find some of the same items that he packed up for his journey, including a canteen, an actual working pocketwatch, a scarf, as well as dehydrated snacks.

FAQ: That bag brand doesn't exist in the books. The snacks are store purchased trail mix and inside sealed bags. The scarf is from H&M. The pocketwatch is kinda steampunk. The canteen isn't pictured because I'm bad at Photoshop. It's from an Army Navy surplus store in Philadelphia. Yes I know it looks like the bag I carry everywhere. It isn't.

You'll also get a signed poster and a pepper thistle necklace. You'll be selected at random after I put everyone into a spreadsheet and use Random.org.


And that's it! A fun grand prize item! Limited handmade necklaces! And a special signed poster for every single person who pre-orders and emails me. Be sure to send your pre-order receipts to ericsmithrocks at gmail dot com. I'll respond to every single one that comes in, so if I don't email back, be sure to give me a nudge on Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for the support, you guys!


1. A lot of people have been emailing me about whether or not this is international. IT ABSOLUTELY IS. I don't care where you are, I'll send you a poster and swag.

2. I hit 100 pre-orders, but you guys just keep coming and everyone just sounds so excited about them... so I'm MAKING MORE NECKLACES. Everyone gets one, thank you thank you thank you.

26 responses to “INKED: Pre-order the Book, Get Swag!”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Wow, you are the master of the pre-sale! I think I'm going to go order the book just because I am so impressed with the job you have done. I followed a link from a Wise Ink e-mail I got today - had never heard of you or the book, but I have a YA daughter, and also admit I like YA books myself. Kudos on the great ad campaign, and when my novel is ready to publish, I think I will follow in your brilliant footsteps!

  2. Jackie olazabal says:

    I Heard of your book on Jessthereader on YouTube I pre-ordered thinking that my boyfriend would like it but after Reading the synopsis I think I'll read it first and he could read it after.Good luck with the book.

  3. Mara says:

    Why is this book going to be digital exclusive? I'd love to have a copy of this buuk on my shelf

  4. Mara says:

    Why is this book going to be digital exclusive? I'd love to have a copy of this book on my shelf

  5. elin says:

    Can i get the poster even if I live in Sweden? I really want to read the book and it would be cool to have the poster.

  6. Elli says:

    Will I also get the poster if I pre-order from Germany?

  7. Madi says:

    I heard about this book on NetGalley and I knew I *had to* have it. Pre-ordered and I can not wait to finally get to read it! I just heard about the swag from youtuber jessethereader and this is the most awesome thing I've seen/heard about in ages!

  8. Eve says:

    I just pre-ordered mine. I heard about it on Youtube, one booktuber, was talking about it this morning (well my morning I'm on midnights) and then when I log into NetGalley it's there too so I knew I had to check it out. I'm looking forward to reading it and now there is swag involved too, I'm there!

  9. Marcia Monteiro says:

    Hi! I've just pre-ordered my copy and sent you an email. I also came to know about Inked from Jesse (Jessethereader on Youtube). I'm really excited to read it! And thanks for gifting the swag 🙂

  10. Maria says:

    I just preorder the book now how do I send you my iBook receipt to? Can I just forward it to you?

  11. Maria Wright says:

    I just preorder the book so excite

  12. Maria Wright says:

    I just preorder the book so excited

  13. Tasha says:

    Coming here from jessethereader's youtube channel, too ... your book sounds incredible. Good luck 🙂

  14. […] receipt, and I’ll mail you a signed INKED poster! I’ve got a bundle of these leftover (here’s what they look like, created by the amazing Ashley Poston), and would love to send some […]

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