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The Philly Geek Awards 2013: We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat


Well, it's over. The third year of the Philly Geek Awards. And I'm really happy with how things turned out.

Lots of great press, including exclusive nominee and winner announcements with WHYY and an appearance on NPR, some spots in the Philly Metro, a cover page CityPaper story about one of the nominees, and more. One of the nominees even signed his name with Geek of the Year nominee in this Washington Post piece. Unreal.

As smooth as everything seemed to go the night of the awards, that sort of thing doesn't happen with an insane amount of prep. On a chilly evening in January, the team that plans the Philly Geek Awards met over slices of pizza to discuss the plans for this year's ceremony. We spent a lot of time talking about last year and brainstorming wild ideas for this year's event.

That's right. January.

Eight months before the actual event, we knew we'd have to hunker down and get to work as soon as possible, to make sure this year was as good, if not better, than the last. And year number three brought new challenges. (more…)

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So There's An Audiobook!

geek audio book

Back in June, Quirk's superstar rights and licensing gal called me over to her desk to let me know she'd found an audiobook publisher for The Geek's Guide to Dating.

Honestly, there weren't enough animated .gifs in the world to properly convey my emotions.

Maybe this one?

Or possibly this one.

Whatever the case, on the outside I pretended to keep it cool (maybe like this one?), when I was actually freaking out.

Anyhow, the audiobook hits stores the same day as the actual hardcover book, December 3rd, via Brilliance Audio.

According to the site, it'll clock in at about 5 hours, and will be available on CD, MP3-CD, and simply via download.

No idea who the narrator is yet, but I'm holding out for Morgan Freeman.