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Saturday Poetry Readings & Comic Book Release Parties in University City

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This Saturday was one awesome day full of bookish adventures. So much so that I had to write a lil' blip about it.


When my pal Brennen (who a lot of my Philadelphia friends might recognize from Whipped Bakeshop) said he was doing his first poetry reading in years, I pretty much planned to drop anything and everything I had going on that day to hear him read.

Brennen was one of the Philadelphia folks who got me started here in the city, when he hired me at my first job. While I was there, I really admired his writing, and loved the poetry he had published on his old personal blog.

He read his first piece in several years at the Penn Book Center in University City, and it was a real joy to see him read. I hope to see him do this more often.

You hear that B? You better write more stuff!

locust shop

Immediately following the reading, I spent a little time writing in a local coffee shop with the girlfriend, and then swung over to Locust Moon Comics, one of my favorite local comic bookshops here in Philadelphia. Between those guys and Brave New Worlds, it's a tough call.

Here two friends of mine from my hometown (Elizabeth, NJ), were celebrating the release of their new comic Gamma. Published by Dark Horse, it's basically a grown up tale of Pokemon-esque monsters, and makes for one really fun read.

locust gamma

The interesting story regarding these two guys though, Erick Freitas and Ulises Farinas, has to do with how I met them. Despite the fact that we grew up in the same circles together, for nearly a decade, I didn't meet either of them until fairly recently.

Ulises? Met him while staying in the same hostel in Puerto Rico while on vacation. We looked each other up on Facebook when we met, to discover we had almost 100 friends in common.

locust moon

And Erick, I went to school with his cousin from first grade through senior year of high school, and we didn't meet until his cousin introduced us Facebook.

Small world, eh?

Anyhow, highly recommend checking out Gamma by these two, and keeping an eye out for Brennen. Couple more cute pictures below. What a Saturday!


The Penn Book Center!

brennen 3

Showed up early, Brennen relaxes with the Mrs.

brennen 2

Brennen reading.

locust tank

Fish tank at Locust Moon.

locust moon 2

Nena finds a cat at Locust Moon.

locust moon 3
Gamma art gallery at Locust Moon





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