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Three Beautiful Pieces of Bioshock Jewelry I'm Totally Buying My Girlfriend

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Back in March, as the ending to Bioshock Infinite played across my television, something magical happened. My non-gamer girlfriend fell in love with a video game. She's watched me play Halo, Assassin's Creed, Borderlands, and Skyrim, all with a twinge of curiosity. But Bioshock Infinite? She was gripped.

When Infinite came out, I took the day off work to play the game all day, and she just happened to have the day off. She sat there on the couch with me, sometimes leaning against me, other times hunched over with her eyes fixated on the plasma screen, totally engrossed in the story and the characters. Ken Levine, you masterful storyteller, you.

Early on in the game, when Booker has to choose a broach design for Elizabeth, I asked her to help me pick. She was incredibly torn (we picked the bird instead of the cage), but at that moment, I knew I'd have to head to Etsy and find her something special.

Much to my surprise, there was a lot on there. Here are three of the most beautiful pieces of Bioshock Infinite inspired jewelry on Etsy.


Murder of Crows Vigor Necklace: $30 via Rheas Renditions. The bead chain can be replaced with a gunmetal chain, and the brass wings can be replaced with antique silver.

And this is a purchase you can feel good about. 50% of the proceeds from this shop are donated to local and international charities. And that's not the only vigor necklace this shop has. Check out the Bucking Bronco charm.


Songbird Necklace: $25 via Second Star Emporiom. Which will you choose? The bird or the cage? The bird is beautiful, and the cage is somber… but there's something special about it." Aw Elizabeth. And just in case you do want to choose the cage due to that something special, Second Star has the Cage Necklace too.


Vigors Charms: $16 each via Rheas Renditions. Want something a little less detailed than the Crows Vigor Necklace? Rheas also makes these really cute vigor charms, which can of course be added to necklace or bracelet.

Additional Bonus Picks: Bioshock Infinite inspired NAILS (what!) and this cute glow in the dark Salts necklace.

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