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Book Expo America 2013: A Recap

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Ah, Book Expo America. It's Comic Con for the publishing industry, and this year's was this past weekend. I spent four days in NYC talking books, and it was pretty damn wonderful.

bea blogger con

Wednesday was the blogger convention, a day full of panels and networking for book bloggers from all over. I met some from across the country, a handful from across the ocean, and spent a lot of time hugging bloggers I've been working with since I started at Quirk. It's always lovely to match a face to an email and/or Twitter handle.

I was surprised last week to hear from my buddy Rob over at BlogAds via Twitter, regarding a spot on a panel during the blogger con. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, and found myself speaking in front of a really large audience.


OMG, right? Luckily, there were some stellar people on the panel (including the fabulous Well Read Wife), and it went off quite well. I learned a bit from sitting on it too.

That evening was the indie booksellers party, and that was a lovely way to really kick off BEA. Spent some quality time with my lovely coworkers, and dragged the best friend out. I even had some time to catch up with Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi before the convention started. A great first day.

Thursday the conference started, and I spent more time meeting with bloggers and dishing out books during signings. I had some opportunity to roam around a bit, and was thrilled to meet Brandon Sanderson, who some of you might know from finishing the Wheel of Time series. He was signing Steelheart, and my pal Paul over at Random House Kids stole me away from my booth to introduce me. It was awesome.

After the conference, I went out with the ladies and gents of BookRiot, and got to finally meet a number of them in person.


Over brews and bites, we had spent a wonderful evening catching up and gossiping like crazy.

I took the day off Friday, opting to spend some time in the city writing and catching up with my friend and fabulous author Erin Morgenstern (she wrote The Night Circus, read it immediately).


We had a lovely lunch, and talked a lot about books, writing, and the joys of playing Bioshock.

Saturday, the final day of the convention, was when things got crazy, but in that great sort of way. We had three signings at our booth with Ransom Riggs, Ben H. Winters, and E.B. Hudspeth, all of which were really well received. It's a really wonderful feeling watching an author you care about get a lot of attention, truly.

There was also a Star Wars event, during which I dressed up like a Shakespearean Stormtrooper.


No seriously.

Also, at the urging of my buddy and coworker Nicole (pictured above with me), I started using Vine with Quirk. Shot a couple cute videos, and it was painless. You win this one, De Jackmo.

In addition to all the time I spent with my awesome colleagues, friends, authors I admire, and bloggers I adore... I got to talk about my book a little bit. Lots of excited bloggers and press people asked about the title when they spotted it, leading my to awkwardly tell them that it's my book and we're putting it out in December. It's a strange thing, doing that.

geek dating

But, people were psyched, which made me really happy. We gave out a TON of posters, and come the end of the convention, there were only about two dozen posters left, out of a box that had nearly 250.


So all in all? An awesome time. Some of my favorite photo highlights are below. Have a look. See you next year, BEA!

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  1. I stopped by the Quirk booth to see you but my timing was off because you weren't there. 🙁

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