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Archaia & Top Shelf: The Comics That Blew My Mind @ C2E2

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Back in April, I packed my bags and flew out to Chicago for a couple of days with Quirk Books.

Me and Nicole De Jackmo were there for C2E2, talking to people about our books, showing off our fabulous authors, and meeting /greeting new and old fans. I even got to give out a bunch of postcards for The Geek's Guide to Dating. It was an exciting time. You can check out a whole bunch of photos (and a video!) on the Quirk Books blog.

omg berks

When I wasn't busy manning our booth, I explored the convention floor. And of course, like I do at all conventions, I picked up a couple of books I was really excited about. You should check them out too, because seriously, all awesome reads.

blankets img

Blankets (Hardcover!) by Craig Thompson (Top Shelf Comics): I've read Blankets before. It was one of the earliest comics I dove into, at the instance of my pal and former intern Chris. But now, NOW Top Shelf has it in a new hardcover edition.

I didn't pick up a copy at the convention, as my bag was already overflowing thanks to that limited edition Mouseguard, but you better believe I'm placing at order at my local comic bookshop. Beautiful looking book, bravo Top Shelf. You can scope out the book on their website


Mouseguard Vol. 2: Winter 1152 Black & White Limited Edition by David Petersen (Archaia): So I've been lusting after this gorgeous limited edition of Winter 1152 since... well, probably since New York Comic Con last year. Archaia puts out these enormous books full of the full size illustrations from Mouseguard, complete with sheer overlays that show you how the snow was placed into the work.

mouseguard overlay

As someone who doesn't understand all that much about comics yet, this was pretty mind blowing. The originals are THAT big?! Overlays are a thing? Mind. Blown.

mouseguard big vs little

mouseguard signed

It's the same wonderful story about Kenzi and the band of mice, just in beautiful black and white on large pages, contained in a lovely slipcase. And hey, they only printed 1,000 of these! I'm still on the quest to find the sold out Fall 1152. Mark my words, I WILL find one on eBay.

I also had an awesome moment with David Petersen at C2E2, where I rambled to him about how I mention Mouseguard in my upcoming book. He was really nice about it, and even took a postcard. Thanks dude.


Cursed Pirate Girl by Jeremy Bastian (Archaia): Cursed Pirate Girl is one of those books that I tell everyone about, but I've never really posted about anyplace. With beautiful illustrations and gorgeous production, it's really one of the most lovely books to come out of Archaia. I mean, just look at that paper! How amazing is that?

cursed paper

cursed print

cursed print 2
I got to meet Jeremy while I was at C2E2. Extremely nice, and he sent me home with this lovely, limited edition signed print. It has an appointment to be framed in the very near future.


The Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire (Top Shelf Comics): Last year at New York Comic Con, one of the guys at Top Shelf introduced me to Jeff Lemire, as he was signing books right in back of us. He gave me a copy of Essex County, and it sat on my bookshelf for a few months, unread. I mentioned this to Rob and Brian at Brave New Worlds, my favorite local comic bookshop.

After I woke up in the hospital and recovered from their angry assault, I read Essex County, and it was absolutely incredible.

I spent a little time talking to the Top Shelf guys at C2E2, as their booth was in back of us again, and picked up a copy of Lemire's The Underwater Welder. I finished it in a few days, and there were definitely some tears. Beautiful drawn with a moving story, I was totally captivated. Again, Lemire brings ALL THE FEELS. Great book.


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