A/S/L: Reading at the Philly.com HQ

During this year’s Philly Tech Week, I sat on a panel with Anna Goldfarb (Shmitten Kitten, author of Clearly I Didn’t Think This Through) and online dating expert Erika Ettin. The plan? To talk about the intersection of love and technology… namely, how we’ve used online dating.

Our friend Leah Kauffman brought us in to the Philly.com HQ, and had a serious spread set up. Anna read an essay from her book, Erika told some stories, and I shared a piece from The Geek’s Guide to Dating… and surprised myself by telling the story of how I met my girlfriend.

Originally I planned to just read from the book, but after Anna and Erika told me they would be sharing personal stories, I wanted to jump in. So, I watched as my girlfriend blushed and hid her face while I told our cute OkCupid story, and was thrilled at the response to the Geek Guide intro.

I also gave out these cute postcards!

Since it was the first time I shared anything from the book in public, I thought I’d post a few pictures from the event. You can see more coverage and photos from the event over on Philly.com and on Ring The Alam (where I stole that top photo from, Melissa you’re awesome!).

Leah and her team at Philly.com really went all out. Thanks for such a wonderful evening.




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