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Tell Me A Story: Road Trips @ Shot Tower

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Last month, my friend and local comedian Hilary Rea invited me to come to a storytelling event at Shot Tower Coffee, a super cute cafe here in Philadelphia. I said yes immediately. Ever since I was part of her Fringe Festival show last year, I've really wanted to get into these sort of things.

I mean, I love local storytelling parties. I support them like crazy on Geekadelphia, try to go to as many events as I can, but man, they sure can pack a house! Have you ever been to a First Person Arts slam? My goodness. Despite having a theater geek background, I didn't think my nerves would be up for that.

The first one I did during the Fringe Fest was a blast, and this one? No different.

As a handful of my friends know, I led a not-so-secret 'scene kid' life. I toured with bands, took lots of photos, appeared in music videos. It's how I met my partner-in-geek, Tim Quirino. I have tons of friends around the country who I met because of my love of pop punk and emo.

So, I told a story about music, touring, taking photos... and why I slowed down and eventually stopped all of that when I moved to Philly.

When I noticed everyone else didn't have a tiny notebook with their story in it (I did), I put it down and tried to remember everything. I was nervous, jumped around a bit, and skipped some of my bigger points at the end... but, there are some laughs and I think people enjoyed it.

A huge thank you to John, Jo Anna, Chris, Nena, and Karina for coming out, and to Hilary for inviting me, as well as shooting this video of me telling the story! I hope you like it.


 This coffee? Delicious.


Before the show. This place filled up fast.


Hilary tells a story and introduces the show.


 The girlfriend. 


R. Eric Thomas, one of my fav local storytellers. Follow him on Twitter at @oureric



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