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Why You Can Kill Me In The Organ Trail

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organ trail

If you've played The Organ Trail, there's a good chance you've killed me.

An Oregon Trail style game where you travel across the country away from the zombie apocalypse, The Organ Trail launched a Kickstarter last year to support developing the flash game for mobile and desktop platforms. The game has plenty of nods to the classic game. Instead of a wagon, you're in a wood paneled station wagon. In the intro, one of the characters gets dysentery immediately.

Let's be real, I would have donated to the Kickstarter campaign just to get a copy of the game once it hit. I love zombies. But when I was reading the Kickstarter campaign page, a certain reward caught my eye.

The fact that you could name an achievement, design a tombstone, and be credited as a consultant designer.

Look, I love video games. I play way too many of them and I sometimes write essays about my favorites. While I've helped some of my local game developer buddies with marketing campaigns and publicity tactics on their games, I've never actually contributed to a title. Growing up, it was always a small dream of mine to be involved in the creation of a game, however small. I'd watch those credits at the end of a game, and my mind would wander. How cool would it be to one day see my name in there someplace?

This Kickstarter campaign, it gave me that chance.

zombie designer

There I am! Lower right corner! I'm a green zombie! I'm in the credits to a game!

Okay, real talk? I get it. I'm aware that I paid to be a part of this. But that doesn't matter to me, really. Seeing that little 8-bit zombie work its way across the credits screen, my name with it... it was such an absolute thrill, and it wouldn't have happened without Kickstarter.

So thanks, The Men Who Wear Many Hats. It was an honor.

And friends? I highly recommend downloading the game. It's just $1.99, and you can run me over as much as you want.

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