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Four in February: Challenge Accepted

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Mike Suszek, a contributor to my favorite video game blog, Joystiq, has issued a challenge to his readers. That challenge has been picked up by Kotaku, and subsequently has a Facebook page dedicated to the cause.

Four in February.

The idea?

Beat four video games in your backlog that you've been meaning to play. I'm pretty guilty of picking up new releases and abandoning them in favor of another new game, or buying older games because they're on sale, and then never playing them. My game library is a bit embarrassing in that respect, full of games I've never quite bothered with.

So Mike, I accept your challenge. Here's what I'll be playing through the month of February. 

CHILD OF EDEN - Alright, I've really got no excuse for this one. According to critics, this game is incredibly short. But for whatever reason, I never quite got around to playing it. I picked a physical copy of this Kinnect game up on eBay on the cheap, and there it has sat. It's a critically acclaimed game, and I've heard stories of people who have cried playing it.

Since just about everything makes me cry, this should be dangerous.

THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: ASSAULT ON DARK ATHENA - A critically acclaimed game that breaks all the rules of licensed gaming properties. Seriously, people love this title, and I've been meaning to play it for a long time.

RAGE - A lot of my friends were pretty 'meh' about Rage, but I have a hard time turning down a decent shooter. When I spotted this on-the-cheap on Amazon, I couldn't resist. I think it's time to finally jump in and play this shooter, which is inexplicably on three discs. Why?

Resident Evil 6: You know what? I don't care what critics have said about this game. I'm sorry, I don't! I'm probably one of the strangest Resident Evil fans, as I really disliked the original series' format (though I did get a kick out of Dino Crisis for some reason), and fell in love with the franchise with Resident Evil 4. Which I played on the Wii. I loved playing through Resident Evil 5 on my 360, and I've been waiting for 6.

However, I had Borderlands 2, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Assassin's Creed 3, and Halo 4 to play. I never got around to poor Resident Evil 6. Now is the time.


That's it! If you're interested in playing along, scope out the Four in February Facebook page, and join in.

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  1. Four in February: @Joystiq's @Mikesuszek challenges readers to beat four games in February. Challenge accepted, Mike. http://t.co/iAe42LTh

  2. Well this challenge perfectly captures why I don't really play videogames. Even games I have gotten pretty into, I have never beaten them. I would be afraid to say how many hours of Baldur's Gate I logged, and I never even reached the city. I played a good bot of Borderlands 2 over Thanksgiving and it was super fun, but I knew all along that I would never see the end of that game under my own elbow grease. Just wouldn't happen.
    Four games in a month?
    I couldn't beat that many games in a year. I mean, I haven't beaten that many games in a decade.

  3. Four in February: My plan to beat four video games from my backlog next month. Bring it! http://t.co/6hKXoOIp

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