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The Joys of Making Your Own Magic the Gathering Counters

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Yes, they just look like rocks. Shut up.

Those of you who know me, know that when I travel, I'm not big on souvenirs. I take lots of pictures (an obnoxious amount sometimes, sorry Jess), and that's all I really need. Though sometimes I bring horribly kitschy things home for coworkers.

However, when I went to visit my buddy Dario out in Colorado at the end of the Summer, I wanted to bring home a little something to commemorate our epic mountain climbing adventure. Because seriously, as we endured the Incline, I thought we were going to die. Death was upon us.

That was the thought going through my head as we sat at the top of the trail snapping photos. But what would be appropriate? I didn't want a snowglobe or a "I survived The Incline" t-shirt. I picked at some of the rocks, and Dario made a quip about how we should save some for our Magic game later.

For counters.

And that's when I started stuffing them into my satchel.

As we walked down the winding trail back to the bottom of the mountain, I picked up small rocks that looked about the right size, while Dario and his girlfriend told me not to fall far behind, as I might get eaten by a cougar. I responded to these threats of nature by ordering a rock tumbler on Amazon on my iPhone.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I've got these.

It took about two months in a rock tumbler to get them to be smooth and shiny, and in the end, they really just look like any old rocks you could pick up at your local aquarium for your fish tank. But whatever.

Now whenever I play Magic with my friends here in Philly, I have tiny little reminders about that time in Colorado with one of my best friends, and the many games we played. And that mountain we conquered together.

Best souvenir ever. 

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  1. So I made my own Magic the Gathering counters using a rock tumbler. Because I'm a geek and this is my life. http://t.co/9UXKtyOl

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