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Penny Black (Or, The Perks of Being a Grown Up Emo Kid)

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So Further Seems Forever's latest album, Penny Black, came out last month, their first new album in eight years. I've been listening to it nonstop, thrilled to see one of my favorite bands back and making music. And it's funny, as a band I've grown up with, I have specific memories associated with every album that Further Seems Forever has released.

I was listening to The Moon is Down during the last few months of high school, the sweet sounds of indie emo helping me cope with a major transition in my life. How to Start a Fire (one of my favorite albums ever, period) came out my sophomore year of college, and I have fond memories of driving down Route 17 in New Jersey with my friend Steve to a local indie record store, so we could buy it on the release date.

Wow. Do people still do that anymore?

Hide Nothing hit in 2004, when I was living back at home, starting over at a new college. A friend of a friend had designed their website, and it was around this time Tim (my partner in Geekadelphia) and I started working with bands a lot. I remember playing The Emo Game (do you guys remember that?!) and talking about it with him over AOL Instant Messenger.

I was always the dude from Mineral.

Now in 2012, we've got Penny Black, and life is certainly different. I'm an adult, I have my own place, I've finished college (twice!), and I have a career that I love. And this time around, instead of getting my copy of their album at a VFW Hall show or an indie record shop, I pre-ordered a limited package online.

A silk screen poster limited to 500, a t-shirt, the album on a limited edition vinyl (700 copies), the album on a CD... all kinds of swag came with the package. And lately, I've been ordering similar packages from other groups I love that are still around. New Found Glory, Yellowcard, etc. And I'm amazed. Because when I was an angst filled "OMG ALL THE FEELINGS!!1!" 17 year old, bands just didn't do this sort of thing.

And I also wouldn't have had a place to hang this.

Seriously, being a grown up emo kid is awesome. Thanks for getting back together, Further Seems Forever. This looks great in my apartment.

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  1. The Perks of Being a Grown Up Emo Kid. Musing on Further Seems Forever and playing the emo game with @BigRedTim. http://t.co/yfpboNfC

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