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Clearly I Didn't Think This Through by Anna Goldfarb

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After posting last week about finishing Sailor Twain or The Mermaid in the Hudson by Mark Siegel, I decided that maybe I should start writing the occasional little book review on here.

I mean, in addition to all the Quirk titles I read, I tend to go through one or two books a week. And while it's fun to sing their praises via #FridayReads on Twitter, it's even more fun to write a little something about them. Gives me a chance to gush. Maybe I'll do one a week. Maybe I'll forget about it. Whatever. Here's the next one.

If any of you follow Geekadelphia on Twitter or Facebook, you know I've been psyched about the release of Anna Goldfarb's book Clearly I Didn't Think This Through. She's a local writer / buddy of mine, and I've been tweeting about it like mad. Unfamiliar with her book? Here's the jacket copy.

Although Anna Goldfarb is very tall, she can't seem to grow up. While her friends lead lives seemingly plucked out of the pages of an Ikea catalog, she is still trying to figure out where she’ll score this week’s beer money.

Maturity used to be something she aspired to, but as a woman in her early thirties, it is finally time for her to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask herself, “Is adulthood really for me?”

Clearly, I Didn't Think this Through chronicles Anna's hilarious attempts to get her love life, career, and living situation under control. But, the more she tries to conform to where she thinks she should be, the harder it is for her to get there. Can't a tall, busty, smart brunette get a break?

The Book: When Anna first told me about the book, I automatically assumed it was going to be a collection of essays. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because of her short form blog posts over on Shmitten Kitten, or maybe it's because all of my favorite humor essayists are women (Sloane Crosley, Stefanie Wilder-TaylorSamantha Bee), and I desperately wanted to add her to that swoon-worthy list.

But instead of essays, what Anna delivers is a hilarious memoir, slices-of-her-life in a handful of chapters. Readers are treated to a number of short non-fiction stories about her mishaps in love, dating, and living at home... and it is just so wonderful. The book is full of a number of easily quotable lines that I'm sure Kindle owners everywhere are highlighting, and Goodreads users will soon be queuing up under her name.

The book reads like a night of sipping wine with Anna at Tria, full of moments that feel like you're just hanging out with her, listening to her stories. You can almost hear her infectious laugh at every chapter break.

As for those essayists I adore so much... forget about it. Anna's officially in a swoon-worthy list all her own. Go buy this book

The Blog: If you want to learn more about Anna and her adventures, visit her phenomenal blog, Shmitten Kitten. Do it. Do it now.

The Party: I really wanted to do a photo post from her book release party, but meh, I was rocking my iPhone in a softly lit room. So here are some photos of drinks, Anna's book on a sign, and more importantly, Anna's book ON A COOKIE.

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  1. Fact: Clearly I Didn't Think This Through by Anna Goldfarb (@ShmittenKitten) is a wonderful book. http://t.co/xLNSo9FS

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