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Master Chief in Center City: A Stroll to Buy Halo 4 & the Front Page of Reddit

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So last week, I took a little stroll to pick up a copy of Halo 4 at the local FYE... while wearing my Master Chief armor. You know, because of reasons.

I was happily accompanied by my friends Steph, Parker, Chris (who took these great pics), and Will (who you gamers might know from Cipher Prime), who all took pictures and video of the adventure. They also helped me get dressed, as I can't put the suit on by myself.

I posed with lots of people, took a ton of photos, and much to my surprise... ended up on the front page of Reddit. Again.

Thanks for the screenshot, Ben!

I don't play on Reddit nearly enough. I hop on there to read through the books subreddit, flip through the Philadelphia subreddit... but I never really comment. I'm a reader and a lurker. But finding myself on there again, I signed in and responded to a lot of stuff and messages.

While Reddit (and most social news sites) tend to have a reputation for having internet trolls, I've found the community to be wonderfully supportive and kind. Lots of sweet comments, nice messages, and hilarious quips filled the thread after the link to my photo, which was posted by my friend Allie and taken by my coworker Mari.

So thanks, guys and gals of Reddit. You all made my week. The rest of you, I posted some more of my favorite photos below. Enjoy! 

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  1. [...] WayGeekadelphia‘s Eric Smith, who has rocked the get-up before, strolled through Center City on his way to buy Halo 4 at FYE wearing a full-body Master Chief costume. It’s like gamer-geek Christmas, and Smith dressed the part. This entry was posted on [...]

  2. Oh, hey, look, it's Master Chief in front of Apple Store Walnut Street. #seemslegit http://t.co/eyfiZ6aH

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