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Writing in Washington: Memorial Day Getaway

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On May 5th, something terrible happened.

Diablo 3 came out, and my MacBook wasn't fast enough to support it. My limited edition box sat in my kitchen, sealed, next to the gaming station I put together just for the release of the game. A new monitor, keyboard, mouse, sound system... sigh.

I had a choice, buy a new computer or spend Memorial Day weekend in Washington D.C. like I had planned. While I'm insanely jealous of my friends who have been dungeon crawling all month without me, I'm glad I opted for my mini (sort of writing) vacation with my pal Alberto.

Alberto is a great guy who I've known for over a decade, who currently lives and works in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington D.C. He's been busy writing his thesis, I've been penning the second novel in the series... so a trip to write (and cause some trouble) together seemed like an excellent idea.

And of course, it was. Georgetown is a lovely little neighborhood, full of cute little cafes, nice restaurants, boutiques, and beautiful people. I happily spent four days there exploring and typing away, my evenings wandering new places with Alberto and his wonderful friends.

During the little trip, I had my own little writing competition going on... well, at least in my head. My pal Frankie was trying to bang out 60,000 words while I was away, and I said to myself, "self, you can at least get to 20k."

Plenty of unwarranted smack talk ensued over gchat, and I did finally wrap up at a little over 22,000 words (the picture above is from my second to last day away), which included an outline for the rest of the book.

I think I would have written more, but when one of your old friends is insisting you explore cute places like Alexandria and try fancy new beers in sleepy pubs, it is kind of hard to get a lot of work done. I mean, just look at that street. Lovely.

I saw this spray-painted on the side of one of the cafes I wrote in the most, and it seemed pretty damn appropriate during the trip.

Not personally, mind you (I'm fine!), but in terms of the story. The characters in the book are wrestling with this exact theme.

But when you're stuck hanging out with a great friend like this, it's kind of hard to get into that mindset.

Someone come break my heart, quickly. I have writing to do.

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