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Pretending To Be On Television

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So last weekend was interesting.

My pal Glen Tickle, a guy I went to college with (and took a monster road trip with last year), is one hell of a funny stand up comedian. Once a month, he hosts a show called Pretending to be on TV. It's a late night talk show without the actual television, hosted at a gorgeous theater in Bethlehem, PA. He's been talking about it for quite some time now, but as much as I fancy myself a good friend, I couldn't figure out what the hell it was.

Until this past weekend.

Glen had me come on to chat about the Master Chief suit and essay, my book, my love of Skyrim, and just some general stuff about myself, like work and what-not. I was joined by celebrated blogger (and former college classmate) Jill Pantozzi, who oddly enough I pitch a lot of Quirk titles to. She spoke about comics, why she writes about them, etc. All in all, it was a fabulous time, and was actually the first time I've gotten to hang with Jill outside an industry event. Which is a shame, cause she is fabulous.

Jill wrote about her experience being on Glen's show, here. She'd actually read about the Master Chief story, but didn't know it was me. Ah, small world.

There's a video clip of my talk over on Pretending to be on TV's official website / Tumblr, check it out here. And of course, some (terrible low resolution iPhone 3G) photos below. Thanks for having me on Glen. I'm super proud of you.

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  1. Glen Tickle says:

    Aww, kissy kissy. Loved having you on. Glad you finally get what the show is, and don't worry, Jill had no clue what I was talking about when I asked her to do it either. Her clip will be up soon as well.

    High five.

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