Rory Makes an Appearance in Microcrafts, Quirk’s Latest Craft Book

When my coworkers Margaret McGuire and Katie Hatz asked me to bring my bunny into work, I of course said yes. I mean really, how often does one get to do something like that? Then again, I do work at Quirk Books. Knowing this wild and wacky place, chances are I’ll be bringing my chinchilla in next month.

But I digress.

Margaret and Katie stole my bun away for an afternoon in the early Spring for a photoshoot for Microcrafts, Quirk’s latest crafting title by that aforementioned dynamic duo and Alicia Kachmar. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Alicia and Margaret on their last craft book venture, Witch Craft, and loved every minute of it. Rory posed for a number of photos, several of which made it into the book.

You can scope out the images below. I do wish I had trimmed her nails before the photoshoot, but oh well. She still looks adorbs.

Microcrafts drops on October 4th. Go pre-order a copy on Amazon. Rory’s royalties are being paid in carrots. 


Dr. Rudy Masciantonio

Rory is a real sweetheart!


Omg, I just knew this Bunny was related to somebody from the book. She had that “important” aura about her. That little ribbon on her makes her even more special!

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