So I Won An Award

Whoa, shiny! Backgrounds courtesy Anthony Clark.

IZEA, a wonderful social media and marketing group that occasionally works with Geekadelphia, awarded me “Postie of the Month” for the month of January. It’s pretty exciting, and looks super cute on my desk. I always wanted a shiny glass award.

For those of you who don’t know, Izea works with bloggers on a pay-per-post basis, and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with them on a number of fun projects. Thanks to them, I was able to make the connections to Hewlett-Packard for Geekadelphia’s big three year anniversary party. I was also able to donate printers to local in-need institutions, raffle off electronics for charity in November, and this month, donate money to the American Red Cross.

I know there’s a stigma in the blogging community when it comes to pay-per-post. As for me, in a time when internet advertising isn’t as popular as it once was, I see it as an opportunity to do some good, and interact with the community I love. Thanks Izea.



Congrats Eric! ^_^

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