On April 9th, 2007


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So it is official. I have a new favorite band to photograph.

There are a list of groups who have been my favorites in the past. The Weakerthans, Fall Out Boy, Midtown... these groups put on some of the most insane live shows I've ever seen, and have been a joy to shoot and work with.

However Bang Camero officially, as my friends like to say, pwn3d! them.

Bang Camero is an 18 piece metal rock band from Boston, and came screaming into Philadelphia with their choir of 13 lead singers (what?!?), three lead guitarists, killer bassist, and raging drummer. While one might think having 13 lead singers would be kinda lame, it was anything but. The sound was nothing short of epic.

The singers performed not only gang vocals, but intense, almost operatic, 13 part harmonies. It was an experience I won't soon forget... and neither will my camera, since it was destroyed during Bang Camero's set.

It's okay though, I'll be returning home to New Jersey this weekend to pick up another camera.

Thanks to the local Origivation Magazine for providing me with a guestlist spot for this amazing show. I won't soon forget it. Photo galleries will be up soon, as thankfully my memory card made it out alive.

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