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Corporate America Eric (With Karate Chop Action)

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Be warned, the following images may shock and confuse you.

As you may or may not have already heard, I managed to score a pretty sweet full time job here in Philadelphia as an editor.

And unlike my photography / portfolio blog, I get a salary, benefits, vacation days, and a cute little cubicle.


Outside of my building is a strange looking sculpture. There is a plaque that details what it is, however I've decided to ignore it and just pretend it's something else everyday. Today, it was a toothbrush dipping into some multicolored toothpaste. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. It's crazy!


My office is on the 17th floor. OMG! This also reminds me of the cover of Just Surrender's awesome full length CD, designed by my friend Mickey. What an awesome album.


Lettering on the way inside the building. I got some amazing strange looks as I tried to take a photo of it while balancing my latte and bagel in one hand, and camera in the other. Skills.


The view from my cubicle. And yeah, I drink lattes. I'm sure Helen will make fun of me for this later on.


One of the first things I learned here, is that the area where I'm sitting used to be a conference room that people referred to as "the morgue", due to how cold it was, and the coffin like file cabinets. Also, they used to store dead bodies in here. Hahah, just kidding. There were no file cabinets.

Right now it's just me at my little desk, with lots of empty desks all around. I hope it fills up so I can have people to shoot paperclips at.


Yep. Here I am. Note the dress shirt, purchased from Hot Topic.

For some reason, I get a barrage of questions pertaining to my photography, my writing, and my education. So let me lay down the facts real quick with this simple FAQ.

Q: OMG! What about grad school Eric?!?
A: I'm still doing that full time. Working 40 hours a week and taking three grad courses. I also plan on taking two summer classes. I'm not slowing down for any reason, and I'll be finished with my masters degree in May of 2008.

Q: OMGGG! But what about your writing?
A: I work until 5pm. That means I have all night, and weekends, to work on my novel.

Q: BUT OMGGG!!!1! What about your photography?!?1?
A: I get an insane amount of paid vacation days. I'll be heading out on tour with some huge bands and great friends during the summer. I'm also doing some live concert photography for a local print magazine here in Philadelphia called Origivation. Check them out.

I'm in the real world now baby.

And it's pretty sweet.

6 responses to “Corporate America Eric (With Karate Chop Action)”

  1. Claire says:

    Your website just got cooler via this comment from me.

    Also, you bought a (dress) shirt from Hot Topic. Cue the pointing and laughing.

    Just kidding. I secretly drink lattes too.

  2. x Johncore x says:

    The orange part of the sculpture looks like Nemo after swimming into a blender. The red one and light blue one are totally making out. The aquamarine one is just there to piss me off.X Johncore X

  3. collette says:

    now that you're an executive pimp im sure the girls will come a runnin'

    but ill be first in line 😉

  4. Wendie says:

    Hi eric! krista told me to leave a message about a possible sg photoshoot so here it is:) Love the pics:) great work!!hope to hear from you soon:)

  5. Wendie says:

    uh you might need this duh LOL rvnshadow2001@yahoo.com

  6. Nena says:

    Cute shirt

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