support echo screen – they cure silence

So my good friends Echo Screen, easily one of the most talented pop punk bands to come out of New Jersey since Saves The Day, are competing for a spot on this year’s Smartpunk stage for Warped Tour. This band works extremely hard, and are currently on a full US tour with The Mile After, another fantastic band.

Support these guys and vote for them. They should be ASKED to play if you want my opinion, having an album in stores nationwide and in Japan, but oh well. I’m just a simple photographer, what do I know? *sigh*

The link is below. Takes a minute or two to sign up, but it is certainly worth it. Euphoria is a brilliant pop punk record that more people definitely need to hear. And besides, you’re not only supporting great music, you’re helping out some wonderful people.

Plus come on, Echo Screen? You know that potion saved your ass in Final Fantasy dozens of times.

Echo Screen @ Smartpunk – Vote Now!

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